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healing Red Ink

Posted by zerosum on 09/05/09

-For starters, i will say that i now realize i should keep a journal of all tattoos done.. with that said, my question is; Has anyone had healing issues with red ink? i looked for past threads but didnt have much luck..

-i believe it was one of the starbrite reds that i used but ive also had problems with other reds too. for whatever reason ive noticed that red seems to always be the color that gives people the most trouble. (reaction wise)

i had a guy come back in after doing the "yankees logo".. (granted it was only a week and a half) not fully healed.... and he was upset because the red in his tattoo went to a bright pink almost... I explained to him that it needs to fully heal before you can judge the outcome of any colors(which is true for the most part) ....but to be honest, i kind of felt like i was bullshitting him a little. im kinda worried that it will not go to a RED like it should. ive seen this in the past a few times..

I guess my quetion (to reiterate) is... Do you think its the individual getting tattooed that effects certain colors, OR do you think its the actual ink? anyone had similar problems with red? ..seems to also be the one color alot of people have a bad reaction to.


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RE:healing Red Ink

Posted by cbe on 09/05/09

everyone has similar problems with red.
starbrite especially. try wavery or fantasia for your red.

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RE:healing Red Ink

Posted by rhendrickson on 09/05/09

lip stick eternal red ive yet to hear of a red reaction!!!!!

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RE:healing Red Ink

Posted by steve on 09/07/09

lipstick is healing fine
but your tehcnique makes the diference,i always make hard movementa with red not to much blending

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RE:healing Red Ink

Posted by will from IP: on 03/18/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

Just to add to this one because I feel it's an issue: I've had an expereince where a group of tattoos came back with poor healing, red only. This happened years ago when I used starbright scarlet red. I noticed that I was down to less than 25% in the bottle I was using. I had not had problems until this point and after using a fresh bottle the problem went away, even when touching up clients who had these problems. I believe that the concentration of the pigment in the vehicle has an impact on the number and severity of red reactions. Because of this I don't let my bottles get too empty. Please be aware of this problem, especially with the starbright.

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RE:healing Red Ink

Posted by Dread from IP: on 03/29/11
Prescott, arizona United States - website

my opinion, is Starbrite reds are highly reactive. scarlet in particular. i myself am sensitive to red, i get little puss bumps in it, no matter the brand, and it heals and the skin stays drier longer than the other colors in the same tattoo. i personally use Eternal, and have had the lowest reactions of all other brands ive used. goes in so much easier too. so, less of that slow healing pink that fades to red later effect. i have a fellow i tattoo w, that swears in 25 years he has never had a reaction w/ unique (perma-pro) in all his years.

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