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Coil cores

Posted by tommi on 07/27/09

I've been a tattooer for 7 years and like to tinker with tattoo machines on occasion (I'm no builder by far, but I do know general knowledge a good bit)
I'm sure some of you folks can answer some questions that I have about coil cores. I can't seem to find much information on the subject, And I've kept my eye out for awhile.

And before I ask for answers, I know that springs, layers of wraps, Wire guages etc all play a role in the 10 million different variables that go into machine funtion and building.

1. I own alot of machines but tend to use a select few that mainly are 2 older (Aluminum) Next Generation machines, A micro Soba from Workhorse and a Nationals Eagle swing gate (Iron frame) .
My NG machines have a thicker diameter core and can run pretty hard on lower voltages, They have wider armature bars that cover the width of the coil as well (I know that plays a great role in efficiency as well.)
My Workhorse and Nationals has a thinner diameter core with the (I guess whats considered standard width armature bar) , They also run on lower voltages from extremely soft to as hard as you can possibly want them to attain.
My question of course is whats the difference and why did these folks use different sizes, What is the difference with efficiency (magnitism (spelled wrong I'm sure) ?)

I know there is a scientific reason for sure, but also does this fall back on personal preference to a degree?

2. I've been told from the get go, that hard pure Iron is the best way to stick with. does copper create enough magnetic energy to pull a machine? It's considered one of the better conductors for electric.
Is that idea legitimate? (I'm sure someone out there has done it) Is that something to presue or should I not waste my time on that idea and stick with the regular ideals?

Thanks friends, I'm looking forward to even more knowledge from this forum

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by Solomon on 07/27/09

I would imagine a copper core would get demolished from the repeated up and down movement of the armature bar.

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by RyanBluebirds on 07/27/09

yeah copper is too soft and wear's to quickly. I won't even use it for contact screws.

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by tommi on 07/28/09

I had a feeling copper would be pretty soft, It melts pretty easy when your casting metal

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by tommi on 08/05/09

Does no one care about this subject? Post anything on it!

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by rolo on 08/05/09

I think you maybe overlooking something here, copper would not create a magnetic field so would be useless as a coil centre on it's own, iv'e seen it used as a small core within a steel centre but with no real benefit at all.

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by jess on 08/05/09

as far as the width of the core and armature im really not sure what the difference in size does. i would imagine that machines with wider cores and wider armature bars hit harder.

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by Tobie Warren on 08/05/09

Hands down the Very best coils cores come from Crowsknows Paul. He has his own special iron formula and milling specs to produce these cores. He would be responsible for the innovative parts and machine concepts that are sold buy PULSE tattoo supply.

The Very best coils that money can buy are produced by Dart Vaughan of Surreal Customs and he uses Crowsknows cores to build them with. Other great coils on the market that I would like to note are built by Rex Hobbs of Custom Metal Sculptures attention to detail is unsurpassed and Tyler Mason produces a very fine set of coils that are plane Jane in appearance, but tightly wound and stay exceptionally cool. These are the best of the best hand wound coils that I've come across. They all have one thing in common& T - Top cores and there own unique iron mixture.

I will say that it takes much more than a good core to build a good set of coils. The core, The bobbins, The insulation, The wire, The wind, The capacitor, The finishing cover sealant all play a part in how efficiently a coil functions. It's like trying to create light without heat. Thats the goal here. Power without Heat.

Dart Vaughan is my coil contact. He has produced the most powerful coils that I've ever used. This man knows more about winding coils than Tesla himself.

Hope this steers you in the right direction.

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by tommi on 08/05/09

thanks a bunch guys, I'll definately check into that guys stuff,!! I'm just always curious about things like that

thanks again

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by Crazyjoe86 on 08/06/09

This shits to must have not run across very many coil builders

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by Tommi on 08/07/09

This shits to must have not run across very many coil builders

Honestly, I haven't over time, But it was at my own fault to not have asked certain questions at times when I could have (or should have known to have). Sorry to be as ignorant on such a subject as I am. It was something that I have never thought much about before. And I don't understand enough to feel able to consider what I do legitimate, so I asked for help on this forum for honest information to better what I do for a living.
I only had a question about different metals and what would be the most useful, I was just curious to be honest. In no way was I trying to come across as having no knowledge at all on the subject.


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RE:Coil cores

Posted by crazyjoe86 on 08/07/09

I wasn't referring to you's all good though

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by Solomon on 08/08/09

I have built machines from lucky's coils that are as smooth and efficient runners as any machine I have ever bought, and I own some very nice machines. Im not saying I can build machines as good as Cain, Ciferri, Soba, Jimmy W, Dan etc. Im just saying in my own experience the coils were so nice they made the build almost a no brainer. I was able to build machines that dont heat up ever and are hammers at under 6 volts.

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RE:Coil cores

Posted by tommi on 08/09/09

I just built a set that were shorties with 8 layers and have been happy with the low amount of voltage that it took to pull them (35uf cap.), I'd like to play with different wire guages at some point when I get some free time, My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a home, so free time is little for the next year or so, lol

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