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Alla Prima Inks

Posted by Tom on 06/03/09

I really like the color range Alla Prima has... but since its Josh Carlton's line, I am sure it is formulated to his style of tattooing.

Josh's style is tip top of course... but not my style at all. I tend to do solid saturations. I've been using Eternals... but tired of their inconsistency of color and I really only like their dusty purple range (the plum, wild orchid, dusty rose, fleshtone)... HATE their blues, yellows, and greens.

any experience with alla prima? any luck with color packing with them?

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by Leo on 06/03/09

If you had taken 2 mins of your time you would have seen a topic already about Alla prima!!

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by Omar on 06/04/09

Everyone please cut the stupid bashing please!!!
Some post in this board are just intended to hurt the one that works hard. I hate that shit!

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by Tom on 06/04/09

who's bashing who?

and to the other response...

i didn't see any alla prima topics, just stuff about Josh himself.

I'd like to know about ALLA PRIMA inks... their consistency, their quality, and if they are suited to heavy saturations. I really like the range of colors.

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by gjm on 06/05/09

hey tom,you can also check out john montgomerys work..along with josh he started alla prima..he does more of a neo-traditional style with some solid colors..also my co-worker bought the traditional set(3 colors) and absolutelty loves the stuff..the green and blue are really cool..

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by Nathan Prieshoff on 06/11/09

I'm getting heavy color-saturation sleeves done by Ryan Hadley. He uses all Alla Prima..

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by sanel on 06/22/09

Hi my name is sanel im from caracas venezuela and i don't speak in english so much but i can say that my experience with alla prima as very bad , using skin tones . After the cicatrization some reaction come to skin in diferent customers , i dont know why but is a great problem. This is the same reaction that i saw with somes red inks sometime .

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by tattoosbydewey on 06/25/09

The owner of our shop is using Alla Prima and loves it ,Its kind of like thinned Eternal, and I agree about Eternal everytime i get a new bottle it a dif shade. They destroyed a perfect golden yellow three years ago the golden yellow was great , now its poo. I was once told a great artist can addapt him or herself to dif pigments and machines and roll with it.......
sorry bout the run ons and crap typing i'm just lazy right now

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by reaganomics on 07/25/09

i bought the entire rack of 1oz samples. the traditional blue and green were pretty sweet as well as the seafoam, primary yellow, and red. went in easy and healed out great. there were some that didnt do so well at all. almost every tattoo i did with the primary orange dropped out significantly. i found i didnt have a use for a lot of the colors. im more of a fan of staying with primaries and secondaries and mixing from there. keeps it nice and simple. in the end, im more happy with the other pigments i use. im a fan of unique and a few others for here and there stuff. oh, and the 1oz bottles were extremely tough to squeeze, and hard to get anything out of.

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by minamismud on 07/26/09

i ordered a couple of the colors cobalt , seafoam ,and forest green. i had high hopes for them and the seafoam has been great , have not realy used the cobalt, but have had problems wwith the green. right away when i opened it it smelled really really strong of alcohol. i looked at it and it looked a bit foney too and then i realized the label was a lot bigger than the other lables on the other bottle. well i tried to use it on a friend and it was just crap not workin at all. so i figured i got a bad batch so i called unimax and told them the problem so they sent me a new bottle free of charge. well today i tried the new bottle (which looked better) and like the previous one it had a very strong alcohol smell and just wasnt workin at all. like i said im still hopin that my luck is just that bad because i would realy like to give more of it a chance just based off of the seafoam , but i can not bring myself to buy anymore till i get some feedback. has anyone else had this problem? (with strong alcohol smell?) when i say strong i mean strong. as soon as i dip needle in the cap and start running it on skin its like a alcohol air freshner was plugged in. thanks for any help

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RE:Alla Prima Inks

Posted by jess on 07/27/09

when i order pigment i only order it from the company that makes it out of fear that the other guys that sell it are watering it down or tampering with it in some way.

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