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EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by Rakel Tattoo on 05/17/09

Im planning to buy a PS..but im choosing..ems 300 or cx-2?
ive read ems 300 review from fk irons..
and i like:

You have 4 memory banks to store your settings..

You can tell the EMS 300 that one click of the footswitch means "ON" and a second click "means "OFF

There is no more external power supply to carry. The unit is an "all in one".

tattooed for 5 hours without even noticing heat.

the new EMS will deliver cleaner current..

so how about CX-2 ? any reviews?

Tattoo Power

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by paul on 05/17/09

I was in the same situation about a month ago and I went with the CX-2

I like it, its small so traveling with it is easy, locking it up in your sation when you leave is cool becuz of size

it also has a memory for up to 4 machines
a stopwatch, the time, volts, duty, hz, ampz

my buddy nick has the ems300 and he likes it
it has much of the same things that the cx has
except its just bigger

I guess its personal pref. for the size becuz they both work pretty well, you can't go wrong with either

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by Búri - on 05/24/09

I have the cx-2. mine has memory for 6 settings. I havent tried the ems 300 but it seems to me that the only difference is the in-built power supply the ems 300 has. However I've seen it and it is pretty big. I ultimately chose the cx-2 because I like a little less clutter in my working space, that and someone mentioned in a forum (it may have been this one?) that Aaron cain allegedly says they have a cleaner current or something.
Personally I couldn't really feel a difference in it and the old eikon meter I had before. I did however always see a difference in the reading between the three eikon meters we have at my shop. That inconsistancy always bugged me a bit.

Oh, and being able to slip a machine bag over your power supply is really nice too.

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by Jeff on 06/04/09

I would go for the Critical supply, Eikon is turning into a really crappy company that doesn't care about tattooing.

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by theeyesofthedead on 06/04/09

critical all the way. you cant go wrong with either of their power supplies. i have both and love them.

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by Tom on 06/05/09

I am completely happy with my CX-2.

i second all the positive comments above.

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by Seven on 06/06/09

agreed..Eikon is starting to suck...I think they have lost the passion to be on the cutting edge....but They still have some great products ,,but they better decide if they want to be what they used to be to our community! peace 7

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by cbe on 06/06/09

dont know if its true, but i heard bill bake, from eikon...moved on to help with critical. not sure how reliable that is, but that COULD explain it.

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by Skidmark on 06/06/09

I was in the same boat. I read ALLLLLL the specs, stats, etc. from both and even talked to the guy who made the CX-2 personally twice on the phone (can't remember his name Brian?). He was VERY helpful and a stand up guy. However after physically holding each of them in my hand and running them at a convention, I went with EIKON. The Eikon was built like a brick shit house while the CX-2 felt a bit chinsy and cheap-ish (plastic RCA inputs opposed to metal etc.) I was afraid I would destroy the poor thing. Seriously! The EIKON just felt much more substantial and bullet proof and had already emblazened a reputable name in the industry while the Critical was still fairly new at that time. One thing I do like about the Eikon is the led screen and display is much larger and tilted upward allowing for a much easier read. The read out actually changes from black to yellow and vise-versa depending on the angle you are looking at it. I can read my meter from just about any angle/distance with barrier film over it. Clear as day! But, that leads into the whole size consideration. I like seeing how my machine is running from any angle at my workstation regardless of where I or my client are located. Seems as if Critical has been well received by many for many of the reasons others have mentioned. I hear very little complaints about them. I know my Eikon has been everything I had hoped for and much more. And since Eikon more or less developed the meter including the science behind it & the literature to back it (Machine Gun Mag) I went with the innovator. I will be buying another for my quest spot station soon. I'm sure you will adapt and be happy either way.

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by Rakel Tattoo on 07/18/09

Thanks for all the reply..
i finally got my power supply..and i go for CX2..

The cx2 is super very nice..the power is smooth and clean and im suprised with the upgrade. It has now 6 machine presets..which in their website only indicates 4presets.
Plus i really like the compactness of the cx2..its really small..and the magnet is too sticky,,ive tried to pull it off just to test the secureness of the bracket..and i cant hardly take it off which is very good.very secure..the stopwatch and the time is also cool addition...i can now see how many hours i am tattooing..the simplicity of the buttons is really cool.. it has only 5 ,,but all them have multiple task and its very easy to use.. i thought that it would be my problem cuz in the pix it looks like very complicated but it turns out its very user friendly..also my clients noticed the cx2..cuz it looks like an big ipod its like a out of this world gadget..they always asking whats that? its cool cuz it makes my tattooing like super hightech..hehehe

but i have only one doesnt have any button for the power!
it just automatically turns off after 30mins..i need a power on/off button
cuz when i tattoo for couple of hours.lets say 4 to 8 hours we are having short breaks..
sometimes 10 ,20 mins break,,
i turn off everything to conserve power and to cools down my equipment..but the cx2 turns off after 30mins..
so its doesnt have a chance to cool down..
and sometimes i only do 20mins tattoo session (the very small one) meaning my cx2 runs almost an hour which i only need the cx2 power ups "nothing" for 30 minutes..
20 mins for tattooing and the 30mins for nothing.
thats my only comment..but everything is very good..

and my suggestion is put a power button,,so it can be switch off and on manually..
or they can put several time interval for the cx2 to turn off..for example you can set it off for 5 mins, 10mins, 20 mins and finally the preset 30mins...
one more suggestion if its possible ,, if they could mix stainless steel with plastic.just like it will be more durable,,
And i hope someday the cx2 will turn into a touch screen,and saves machines presets and songs..hehe

thats all..
also ive seen that they have this new multi angular bracket and ive heard that they have a housing (case) for the cx2..
k..thank you again to all of you...its a big help for me

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by travelingtom on 07/18/09

how exactly has eikon gone from being one of the most inavative supply companies to "they don't give a shit about tattooing"? i can guarantee they sell better shit than 90% of all supply stores out there, and they only sell to pro's. it's no big deal that bill left, all he wanted was more money, and they gave it to him. who cares! they even sell fk irons now.

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by Omar on 07/18/09

Eikon was and it is one of the few suppliers that still give a fuck about tattooing and innovation. While all these suppliers buy and sell machines from China they support only the american and canadian market (Next Gen, FK Irons, Neuma and their own machines) Something hard to find from most suppliers.

You can bitch about them as much as they want but any PS with meter inherited Eikon's technology and research.

I also prefer to go with the Innovator and not some random company that popped from one day to another.

If you been long enough in the business you know what's up.

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RE:EMS 300 or CX-2

Posted by RyanBluebirds on 07/20/09

I have mixed opinions on Eikons stuff. I had quite a few problems with their customer service this past year. My Eikon EMS 200 broke just a week shy of the warrantee ending, which is a little suspicious but I understand accidents happen. Unfortunately, I was out at a guest spot at the time and staying at a friends house in the area. To make a long story short they mailed my PS back to the wrong address and then proceeded to blame me, lie to me, and harrassed the person they shipped it to about it. I think Eikon clipcords are junk too, they always seem to break on me in a month or two. I know they have a great history, and apart from breaking the ps is great, but I hate supporting a company with a shitty attitude . . . though I must confess I still buy their springs for now haha. Because of how quickly my EMS200 broke im hesitent to purchase the 300 especially since the adapter is integrated into the ps ... just one more part to break IMO.

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