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traveling with entire set up

Posted by embededink on 07/12/09

Is there any luggage/tool boxes that are good for carrying all equipment including a 45 set of colors? Ive been trying to use regular back packs and colors leak out a bit, I need something to hold colors, power supply, foot switch,cords,machines and possibly a digital camera. any suggestions?

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RE:traveling with entire set up

Posted by Mark Kidd on 07/15/09

Go to an outdoor sporting goods place and check out their gun cases. Some of them are balistic and kick ass. Water proof, automatic pressure valves for airtravel, lightweight, etc, Try Pelican( or similar. Also, Guitar Center (or similar) has rugged hard shell "gig" luggage. Sometimes cool diamond plate or skulls, coffins etc. they stand up to road wear/rash well with steel reinforced corners and bindings etc. Many of these type of luggage designs have foam inserts that are made of many small squares that can rip out to accomodate different sizes of items etc. allowing you to make a custom fit. You can also get a few PVC pipes with caps which are the diameter of your ink and slide em in and cap em' for a "rigid" protector. I like luggage that has telescoping pull up handles with wheels for those long hauls.

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RE:traveling with entire set up

Posted by Mark kidd on 07/15/09

When at guitar center check out the drum rooms, DJ room, keyboards, light show cases, etc. Don't get caught up with looking only at guitar cases... thats not what I meant to recommend.

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RE:traveling with entire set up

Posted by me on 07/15/09

as far as im concerned all you need is a Pelican brand travel it on the internet and you can find the shape and size you need. they come with foam that you remove to fit your items into it.

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RE:traveling with entire set up

Posted by Gina on 07/16/09

I don't travel in normal life or to tattoo but I know I would be an over-packer. lol

What I wonder is, what exactly do you pack and what do you rely on getting wherever you're going and does it depend on weather you're guest-spotting or doing a convention?

The obvious is - Machines, power supply, foot pedal, clip cord, inks and probably disposable tubes and needles. But what about all the other disposables?

Also, for those that don't travel too often to tattoo - Do you feel out of your comfort zone? I ask b/c I'm an "everything has it's place" type of person. Anal, anal,

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