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Posted by tom on 03/03/09

I know machine basics (spings, tension, allignment, coils etc.)I am definately not a machine builder guy, But I do always like to learn new things and understand them.
One thing that I seem to never understand is capacitors, I mean, I know the basic 22uf liner deal and 47 uf shader setup. I've used 10uf capacitors (an old timer told me about them when he was working on me one time) for liners before and I've used nothing since (well, 3 years) They seem to work great for me for what I do.
I was wondering if there are many guru's out there that can give me more info on this? Once I bought a National's Eagle and they give the option for shaders of a 100uf capacitor. I just picked up a basic 47uf because I didn't know any other at the time.
I guess what I'm saying is that I don't understand the science behind them in general. And if anyone can enlighten me I'd be most happy

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Posted by brian on 03/04/09

capacitors donr change to much
you see that small capacitors need more voltage,and old less current

i use 10 in all my machines,liner and shader

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Posted by Gaston @ FK Irons on 03/04/09

There is a range of capacitors where you won't notice much.
22uf-33uf is pretty much the same.

I use 33uf for liners and 47uf for shaders but some times I do the opposite.
a 100uf cap will give you a much lower running machine.

but again you could just use 33 or 47 for all your needs since there are a lot of other factors that make a machine fast/slower.

Same with machines, I built this machine that I use it as a shader or liner depending my mood. I don't change anything because it has a medium stroke. More voltage and it packs solid lines less voltage and the smoothest shades.

The machine is an 8 wrap 1.5 coils with a 47uf cap.

A lot of old timers (without disrespect) didn't know much about the physics involved in a tattoo machine so they believed a lot of the machine urban legends.
Like the wrong myth about the more wrap you have the better.

my $0.2.
BTW: I'm not machine Guru.

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Posted by gbftats on 03/04/09

FK Irons might be able to shed more light on this, but i setup a liner with a 47fu cap, with a medium stroke, and it feels like you can just turn it up real slow, where as with a 22fu it seems more jumpy in volts?

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Posted by tom on 03/10/09

Hey, Thanks guys!, You answered alot of my questions.

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Posted by pokerface on 07/11/09

I have been doing a bit of study on caps . I currently set my liner w/22uf , color w/ 47uf and the shadder with a short fast stroke 18f 20r 10wrap had a 22uf at first but i had a bit of an slight erratic spark so i put a 33uf 25v but not your normal axial capacitor but a audio cap used in mics and sound board to better filter the line. it smoothed that thing out NICE . i would suggest learning about the markings and how to solder the negative end on the machine so you can experament . read this. there ar 3 types of caps and im not 100% sure but i dont think anything over 25v matters if most power unites dont go that high.

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