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Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by JoseMorales on 03/01/09

I usually take pictures of my tattoos and upload them on to the computer and if I have to, maybe crop the picture so there is more focus on the tattoo. Now I know a black background is usually said to be best for tattoo pics, especially for portfolios. I also know photoshop can be used for that. But I've seen some tattoos that were even done the same day, in person, and not look like the pictures that were later posted by the artist. Like the contrast and everything of the tattoo were boosted completely! I've actually seen this a lot, which is why I never used photoshop, so people wouldnt assume I did the same thing.

But by simply adding a complete black background does help the "focus" of the tattoo that I have noticed. I am now considering getting photoshop, but my question I supposed to hulk up the actual photo? do you think photoshop is worth it? What are other alternatives to using photoshop?

I really want to know everyones honest opinions, thanks for your time guy, this forum is awesome.

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by davey on 03/01/09

I dont know about any other programs to be honest. maybe corel? I use photoshop to crop my tattoo photos, put together mutiple views of something like a sleeve onto one picture, and thats really about it. If a picture is really over exposed of something, i dont think theres anything wrong with minor alterations to fix it.(i have lowered the brightness levels in an attempt to reduce glare...i dont think im being shady...and it really doenst seem to work so maybe its the wrong approche). I personally feel that its ok to use photoshop to make up for being a shitty photographer, but not to make your TATTOOS appear to be done better than they are. Am I im making sense?
Besides, If you(not you...i mean anyone) dont really know the program cant really do too much with it....and if you have the time to learn photoshop well enough to make a shitty tattoo look have the time to learn to tattoo better in the first place. I say it really comes down to that some people have ethics and standards ....and to them, it should be fairly easy to judge what type of photoshopping (and how much) is too far....and how much is just making up for a lack of photography skills and knowledge/equipment. Maybe to some people its hypocritical of me to say you shouldnt alter your stuff in any major ways,...but to admit that i use the crop and resize tool on almost every picture. Again...personal ethics tend to dictate our professional behavior.

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by JoseMorales on 03/01/09

First of all, thank you Davey, for taking the time to reply to this topic. To use photoshop is definately a task, but it is also something I learned (the basics of at least) a couple years ago. As far as creating the black background and putting multiple angles of an image, I can do that, but in a way, because of the possibility of confusion, thats why I steered from using it. There are other artists that feel the same way I learned from asking around in person as well. But I completely see and agree with you totally about the ethic of things, and completely think that its a great idea to just get glares or shines, etc out. Do you think it would make it more professional looking as well? like portfolio wise? I know the work should speak for itself, but maybe an edge like that is a cool touch. Let me know buddy, thanks again!

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by me on 03/01/09

i wrote a pretty detailed 'photoshop for tattoo pics' explanation a few years ago, in response to a thread on here. its probably buried somewhere way towards the bottom of the threads list, unfortunately. maybe with some epicly patient usage of the search feature and scouring the thread results, you can find it? i hate how this board is organized but, i cant do anything about that.

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by Gina on 03/02/09

I believe this is the link you're referring to? Good stuffs. :)

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by Andy Johnson on 03/02/09

I've been a graphic designer and product photographer for 10 years. Lots of experience...

The fact is that cameras rarely automatically take the correct color. Using photoshop to adjust the image so that it prints/displays accurately is not cheating. If for instance you shoot with lights that have a very low color temperature like fluorescent lights then they will shift your colors to a more cooler tone. Same goes for using straight light bulbs, generally your colors will be yellower. Ideally, shooting with indirect sunlight will give you the most natural realistic and balanced color temperature.

But then there's the device it will be displayed on which can bend colors to fit its gamut. And cameras are the same way, many will color shift based on their internal software/hardware. And if you're printing it, chances are you should color correct it some to make the colors accurate for the printer. Bright greens particularly can be trouble, since they're out of the gamut of many printers.

So it's not as black and white as you might think. There's entire books and college classes taught on just color theory for modern camera/print situations.

But the goal should always be to color correct photos to match the original tattoo.

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by Gaston @ FK Irons on 03/02/09

I use photoshop to correct glare problems.
Flash can washout contrast and some times can be good to boost it to the original appearance.
I suck at picture and photoshop helps some times.
Now a lot of people use PS to cheat and put details that the tattoo didn't have in the beginning. Shame on those.

Photoshop is a valuable tool. Can help you to prepare a tattoo design to look a certain way. You can also add layers that will act as light sources or shadows.
The layers states (screen, multiply, dodge, etc) can help you achieve amazing effects on an image.

Some time a bring different elements in photoshop to conform a scene.
CS4 rocks. Been using it since version 2 back in 90's. and can't live without it. (graphic/ web designer here as well)

I posted several photoshop tutorials on Take a look.

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by me on 03/02/09

gina, you might be my new favorite person, thank you!! here's what i wrote a few years ago. not very specific but a good jumping off point for your own exploration:

hey people. i tend to get people asking for tattoo foto advice from time to time, so i wrote something recently to someone that i am making available here for everyone. keep in mind i am not a proffessional fotographer, so i dont ahve all the answers, but i might have some.

1. NON-CAMERA STUFF: waiting till the tattoo is completely healed is always best--this shows the true quality of the work, because any tattoo looks bright and nice when it's freshly done. but if this cant happen, wait 15-30 minutes after you have finished it to take the picture. during this waiting time have the client firmly press a cold, wet paper towel on the tattoo to soak up any remaining blood (and the coolness will help close the pores). after this waiting time, glove up again and remove the cold compress, then take a dry paper towel and thoroughly and firmly blot the area down to remove any last moisture (and thus eliminating camera glare). give them painful firm dry wipes if you have to--the dryer the tattoo, the better. then de-glove and give the client another dry paper towel to keep blotting it dry for you in between pictures. take several pictures from different angles, under ideal lighting (combination of fluorescent and tungsten bulbs OR special daylight/photo bulbs OR outside in indirect sunlight).

2. CAMERA STUFF (film OR digital, it doesnt matter): first and foremost, get yourself a good camera and the right lens for the job, at a camera shop with experienced staff members, not fucking wal-mart. once you have the proper equipment, the possibilities are limitless, assuming you overcome the hard part: learning to actually use your camera. any nice camera will come with an owner's manual as thick as most novels. it will be boring as fuck, but unless you just want to learn by slow trial and error, read through it and do everything it says step by step. learn about depth of field and aperture speed so you know what your camera is doing as you take your tattoo photos, and you wont just be relying on dumb luck. also, see lighting advice above. learn about lighting and how it effects the subject (it will help you with your other art too).

3. PHOTOSHOP STUFF: more often than not, your photos will still need a bit of help from the computer to make them look their best. learning photoshop will allow you to be able to correct bad lighting, bad developing (if you use film), reduce excessive glares and shinyness or distracting background elements, or just plain correct bad picture taking (unless the picture is just too horrible to be saved). THIS SHOULD NOT, BY ANY MEANS, LEAD YOU TO MANIPULATE THE ACTUAL TATTOO ON THE COMPUTER TO MAKE YOUR WORK LOOK BETTER. Use this program to manipulate the quality of the PHOTO only, NOT the tattoo itself. The most common and handy tools I tend to use for tattoo photos are the 'curves' feature for correcting lighting and contrast issues, and the 'burn/dodge' feature for glare reduction.

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by JoseMorales on 03/03/09

Thanks! That helps and answers my questions completely! Thank you guys for all the input, I will start on that soon.

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RE:Using photoshop for tattoo pics

Posted by Zooded on 03/04/09

I find that auto color comes in real handy too. Seems too correct the overall color caused by bad lighting, or something like that...

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