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round shaders?

Posted by aw8one on 11/04/07

So as of now i typically use 5 round liner 7 mags and seven round mags and some times seven round liners. I have tried to use a round shader but got a dry line i assume because the tip was to small for the needle grouping. Every one in my shop typically uses seven mags and five round liners, they are pretty set in there ways so thus the reason for asking for advice. I have read on here for filling in tight areas using possibly a lose seven liner along with the set up of using a tight five. What is a good all around size round shader, what brands are good, i currently use mithra and needle jig although for mags im starting to like needlejig more. What size tip do i need to use with say a nine round shader, i imagine its bigger then a nine round liner tip but really have no idea. When using a round shader do i need to use a shading machine or can a liner be used. This ? might also help me for i need to get more machines and currently only have two next gens and want to purchase another machine for more needle configuration.

thanks Rob

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RE:round shaders?

Posted by me on 11/06/07

-7 round shader is a good size all purpose choice
-use a shading machine
-generally speaking, use shading hand motions and technique, essentially you are using a magnum with a slightly diff. shape (practice and experimentation will obviously help)

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RE:round shaders?

Posted by aw8one on 11/06/07


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RE:round shaders?

Posted by joe p on 11/06/07

also (this works for me, but might be backwards for other people) i dont angle the roung mag when tattooing like i do with flat mags and liners, most of the time. going straight 90deg will allow all the needles to hit the skin evenly. that way you dont get straggly little lines along with your big solid shaded area. -joe p

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RE:round shaders?

Posted by me on 11/14/07

yeah good call, thanks joe

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RE:round shaders?

Posted by aw8one on 12/01/07

Finally got another shader to have a round shader along with my mag. love tattooing this way.

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RE:round shaders?

Posted by joe p on 12/01/07

what shader did you pick up ? -joe p

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RE:round shaders?

Posted by aw8one on 12/02/07

Along with the next gen steel orions i had, i recently bought a half coil aluminum liner from a friend, since then my lining has improved quite a bit, i can make longer lines without my hand getting uncomfortable do to the heavy weight, which ussually happened when tattooing detloids. I also rebuilt an orginal time machine shader that was laying around in the shop bought some new springs tinkered around with it and am using that for my round shaders. I love my next gen shader so if i get anything else it will be a half coil one.

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