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Tattoo Needle Grouping Preferences...

Posted by me on 01/18/05

hello all, i htoughtthat the following email correspondence would be a good thing to post on this board because of the informational nature of the discussion, and cuz i get questions like this all the time so i figure people mite be interested in reading this...

Hey nick, i was suprised to hear you used tcm needles..alot of people out
my way use the premade, then i have some that talk mad shit on
premade...snobs, in my opinion. i was just wondering what you liked and
disliked about the premades from worldwide....since i live a half hour away
from tcm..thanks, nick...joe...

joe--i like the floppiness of the tcms (most of the time--for certain things
its not as good as a stiffer formation) because that lends itself well to
very smooth shading and blending and more passes over an area, which i tend to do just because of how i tattoo and paint. i also like that they are very thin needles with long tapered points, as opposed to thicker guage with shorter tapered points--this lends itself well to fine details and
subleties, which i also tend to end up doing in alot of my work. the last
thing is that they are fairly consistent in how they are made, aka not much
change from batch to batch/order to order. they train their cheap asian
slave labor well i guess....or something.

things i dont like are the occasional inconsistencies, which may sound like a contradiction to what i just said, but what i mean is that despite how consistent they seem to be, the defects that do happen are still annoying even if they are infrequent (like sloppy soldering, or sloppy formation). umm what takes a little while to get used to how fucking tight they solder their liners down...a three round from them is practially like a single needle it seems sometimes, and a tight seven from them is like an average to loose three or tight five from someone else.

i think thats it...

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RE:Tattoo Needle Grouping Preferences...

Posted by ZenPhyre on 06/21/05


I too love TCM/Worldwide needles and not simply due to cost issues either. There certainly are some strange inconsistencies sometimes though. For example; not too long ago, I received a batch of a hundred 11 mags from them that were all upside down, as in the loop was facing to the right instead of the left. Does it really matter? No I don't think so - just took a while for me to remember it when setting up.

I generally use 5 rounds for most lining, occasionally 8's for bigger lines that I will then build up with a loose 5. And for smaller details of course I bring out the 3's. From there I have pretty much abandoned use of anything below an 11 mag as it seems I can do just about anything I like with them now, and I am working in larger and larger mags all the time. (I jump from the 11 straight to 21 and up)
Still the 11 is my tool of choice these days, replacing the ever so versitile 7 mag I been using forever.

What needle groupings do you typically employ, Nick, and why?


St. Gregory

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RE:Tattoo Needle Grouping Preferences...

Posted by me on 06/22/05

i usually go with tight 3 round, loose seven round, and either a 7, 9, or 11 magnum. based on my personal experiences that seems to be the best and most versatile combination of groupings for me to pull off any effect im going for in a tattoo. like a small, medium, and large paint brush. i like to interchange them as freely as possible.

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RE:Tattoo Needle Grouping Preferences...

Posted by Johnny Rotten on 06/22/05

Do you use your loose 7's like a shader with one of your shading machines?

I like "building up" with loose roundswith a machine that has a bit of a longer stroke than my liner set-ups.

Your work looks great. What's that you used for the color in the
"artistic inspiration" piece. It's tough to tell if the redness is from the soreness of the skin or the color you used. Either way it's a great piece and shows how I was feeling about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks bro- Johnny

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RE:Tattoo Needle Grouping Preferences...

Posted by me on 06/23/05

what you mentioned about the 7rounds is the only way i use them, really. so, yes i do in fact do that.

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RE:Tattoo Needle Grouping Preferences...

Posted by me on 06/23/05

an about the inspiration tattoo, the only irritation you can see in that photo of it is around some of the light purple smoky stuff. anything else is the real color i used, albeit freshly done and not healed. alot of browns, ochre, pink, orange....warm colors...

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