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wrath tubes?

Posted by brandie from IP: on 01/18/11
Galesburg, il United States

I am looking for some nicer disposable tubes and received my sample of the envy needles and they are really nice!! Have to admit to using cheapy needles and getting sick of louping them and finding so many of them as complete junk.
That said. I hate my needles and hate my cheap tubes.
Has anyone used the wrath tubes from tatsoul? how about the vortex grip? The price is really great if you call them and ask for a black club card (20% off all tubes and needles) ends up being cheaper then mithra.

The other option I was looking at was the rubberized ones from DPS

I do need 3/4" grips as I have girl hands lol.

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RE:wrath tubes?

Posted by Banda from IP: on 01/21/11
Los Angeles, CA United States - website

HIGHLY recommend the tatsoul wrath tubes... They are absolutely the greatest disposable out there. DPS is ok but i have had problems with the rubber spinning.

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Posted by brandie from IP: on 01/25/11
Galesburg, il United States

I contacted Tatsoul and they are awesome enough to send me a sample of the tubes. Had a big order in my cart and didnt complete it because I wasnt sure I would love them
Excited to try them out!

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wrath tubes

Posted by Iver from IP: on 01/26/11
Copenhagen, KBH K Denmark - website

Been running with wrath tubes for a week now and must admit I´m a happy man; they have a very clean and nice finish, meening no irritating mold lines on the tip(or anywhere else), the grip never spins/slips and finally the plastic type is harder than the ones that I used before, making less friction resistance with the needle and hence giving a more smooth run.There´s no turning back from these.. :O)

Gonna try the envy needles aswell soon.

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RE:wrath tubes?

Posted by Tommy Back from IP: on 02/03/11
Milwaukee, WI United States - website

Wrath tubes are what's what.

Its all I use now.

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Posted by brandie from IP: on 03/03/11
Galesburg, il United States

so ive been using them for a few weeks now and finally switched out all of my disposables to the wrath tubes. I love them! even the standard ones are great though the vortex are awfully comfy.
I have also been using the envy needles and i have noticed a difference in my lines.
The black club card is a great deal with 20% off for the year. Very very happy with tatsoul and their service

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RE:wrath tubes?

Posted by Liz Cook from IP: on 03/08/11
Dallas, Tx United States - website

I love these too, my favorite disposable so far and pretty much all I use now!

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