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Posted by Eriksenn from IP: on 01/22/11
Novato, CA United States - website

Has anyone else heard of/seen these? A plastic "insert" that snaps to needle bars, riding in the backstem, eliminating rubber bands... I can think of some good things and bad things possible with these. At least an interesting twist on the whole outdated elastics, maybe. Any input would be appreciated!

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Posted by Inkstained from IP: on 01/22/11
New york, NY United States

Yeah.. apparently josh carlton is swearing by them.
Looks like it could be a nice product

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Needle runners

Posted by Mystic from IP: on 01/24/11
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand - website

You know the rubber band also puts mild tension on the needles in the tip, stopping them jumping around and I can,t see that these would do that.

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needle runners

Posted by hewy from IP: on 02/04/11
norwich, norfolk United Kingdom - website

i got mine today, i used it on my stigma, & my arron cain shader. I bent my needles down a bit, i also use small fuel pipe as gromets which i open the eyelet then nip up to grip, so get no slack. So far so good had no hassles in using them on my metal tubes, but plastic tubes might be a problem. I found it fine with no needle wobble, i'll keep useing them over the next week & report back but so far so good. I like

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Posted by chris van r from IP: on 02/04/11
Yeppoon, Qld Australia - website

we got some coming to try them out...but there are a couple things that may cause a problem. one that has been mentioned is the use of them with disposable tubes since not all are the same on inner diameter of the tube stem. another thought was the bend in the needle bar. i don't like bending at the solder point and my usual bend point on the bar at the loop end might cause too much of an angle for the runner to glide properly depending on where it could be placed on the bar. in theroy though, i like the point of trying to almost eliminate the 'spray back' out the tube stem and the use of less voltage to run machines...if they work it's just what to do with the pound of elastic bands i have now?!?

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needle runner

Posted by hewy from IP: on 02/06/11
norwich, norfolk United Kingdom - website

ive now used them on my arron cain liner, still work great but, if u have tuned the machine with bands fitted now with out bands it runs with a low duty. I think great with rotary machines, but with coils u might have to dial them in abit to use them right. Also if the tubes are a cheap & thin the runner gets to move about.

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Posted by Ratty Daddy from IP: on 03/11/11
Asheville, NC United States - website

For those in the US and Canada and want to try out or get your hands one some more Needle Runners, you can order now through
Ratty Daddy's.

Check out the FAQ. This may answer some of your questions.

Thank you,

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