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starbrite reds?

Posted by jay from IP: on 03/15/11
nj, nj United States - website

why should starbrite reds not be mixed with white? (as it states on website)?

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RE:starbrite reds?

Posted by will from IP: on 03/18/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

I quit using starbright red altogether years ago. I'd recommend anyone do the same.

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Posted by Tom Ringwalt from IP: on 04/04/11
Somer, CT United States - website

This is Tom from Tommy's Supplies. Our reds can be mixed with white for some reason we had the old descriptions from years ago which have been taking off. We have done alot of possitive things to making our brand one of the most cleanest and safest ink to use today. Our reds have been very popular for years and our overall brand is growing everyday thanks to all the professional artists that use and educate others of our brand. We also have complied with all the countries health demands and are legal to sell anywhere in the world do to our hardwork. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or leave your contact info and i will call you as soon as I get a chance.


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Posted by brandie from IP: on 04/05/11
Galesburg, il United States

my only complaint with starbrite inks are the labels. Non coated paper labels are impossible to keep clean looking. When I am finished with a tattoo I take all the inks I have used (though I pour before I go) and I spray them and let them soak with madacide on them. All of the other brands I use are fine to do this with because they use coated paper labels but it destroys starbrites. If ink drips on them at all they instantly look messy and there is no way to clean them up. Can you guys fix that? It cant be that much more expensive to coat the labels

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Tommy's Supplies

Posted by Tom Ringwalt from IP: on 04/05/11
Somer, CT United States - website

Yes we have already changed that through our company, they are not paper anymore they are vinyl and much easier to keep clean and hopefully sometime this year we will be changing our bottles to clear for a more vibrant look of our colors. We work and cater to alot of artists and any help is appreciated. Check out our new labels and follow us on facebook for we update all changes and take any advice that we think would work best for professional tattoo artists.


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RE:starbrite reds?

Posted by will from IP: on 04/05/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

To disclaim: I use starbright's bright white, canary yellow, and their lime green, but once you've been burnt in this business, it's hard to go back. I've since found some other reds that I'm really happy happy with, fantasia's deep red is an excellent straight-in, true healing red. Fusion's really red is also a superb bright red and they make an excellent combination.

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