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Damn Scratcher

Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 03/21/11
, ny United States - website

Hey people this guy tattootraining on you tube is a purified scratcher. Look at his home page and that clown. He is teaching a bunch of kids. Young little girls and boys are messing people up cause of this guy. Thought some would like to know so they can go set him straight. I see how you all hate scratchers, well he is the
worst and is trying to actually teach people

I support learning on your own because so many of the best have but this guy teaches any kid that buys a crap kit from china and teaches them wrong. What a laugh i had when i seen this clowns clown ha ha

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by Epicdermis from IP: on 03/21/11
East Petersburg, PA United States - website

You cant support learning on your own in one second and then bash on a scratcher the next. It's still the blind leading the blind, be it a blind man leading himself, or blindly leading others, it's the same damn thing.

A few good artists have gone the self learned route, but for every Josh Carleton, there are 400 nitwits like the clown you posted a link to. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, it doesnt mean you should set your schedule by it. A few people can drive trashed out of their mind every night and make it home ok without killing anyone. It doesnt make it right to try, because the odds are against it working out, and the consequences are grave.

Here's a clever thought, why dont we rise above nitwits like that guy, stop shining a spotlight on them, and instead use this forum to better our selves in our craft, and in doing so better our industry and community. Gabe and his crew worked hard to make this a better forum, free from shit like just like this.

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 03/24/11
, ny United States - website

Yeah epicdermis i got you. I know allot of the greats started on there own. I just hate the kids who are 14 years old going to you tube to listen to some guy who has a real bad clown up as proof he don't know what he is doing. Whatever , i wouldn't care but the people he tries to teach are literally kids.

Whatever , if i could take it down i would but i was bored and disgusted so i brought it up, this forum has been dead for so long now so i wanted people to come out of the wood works to chime in and speak on something. Maybe this was the wrong topic but i felt i should make people aware that he has no clue what he is doing. Though i doubt anyone here goes to a bum on you tube to learn. It is cool they fixed the forum but it seems everyone left after that. I think most of the posts were from the same couple of people posting in different names because now nobody is on here at all.

Hey epicdermis what do you think of Vasocain ? Have you used it ever and can it be used throughout the whole tattoo. Is there a limit to how many times you can spray it on? Anyway sorry if that made you mad but it was just a topic. I seen many other dumber topics on here.

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by Epicdermis from IP: on 03/25/11
East Petersburg, PA United States - website

Sorry if I sounded like a dick. It was a pretty contradicting statement you were making though.

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 03/26/11
, ny United States - website

What was wrong with my statement ? I'm talking about kids under 18 with no art skill. I dont support them at all.

What about Vasocain ? How come nobody wants to answer or help with this ? Carlton just told me he likes it and use it. I'm trying to see if there is a limit to how many times you can put it on throughout the tattoo. Any ideas on this ?

This forum did die after they did what they did.

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by Epicdermis from IP: on 03/26/11
East Petersburg, PA United States - website

Well, the contradictory part came at the end where you stated that you support learning to tattoo on your own. It nullified the entirety of the rest of your rant about that douchebag, and scratchers in general, who by definition are self learning practitioners of a craft the requiers great skill and knowledge to execute properly, and years to master even with proper guidance.
I'm sure a few naturally gifted wannabe neuro-surgeons could become good at brain surgery after cracking open a few thousand skulls on their kitchen table and royally messing people up until they get the hang of things, but med school is still the best route to take.
Like I said, it's the blind leading the blind, be it blindly going at it on one's own or leading a group with no pathfinding experience.

I'm sure a lot of the self learned guys who became decent and went pro would have loved youtube shit like this back in their early days.

Point is, why shine the spotlight on the guy as an evildoer, and then basically condone the core of scratching in the next sentence. By being all for learning on one's own, you are implicitly condoning people like him. He's a scratcher "teaching" other scratchers as a way for them to get around a formal and legitimate apprenticeship, something that might take some actual effort and will power on their parts to undertake. So if you're all for people learning on their own, that is how it is done in the age of youtube nowadays. You can take on a real apprenticeship, or just buy a kit from the back of any magazine and watch youtube while you fuck up your friends from middleschool for a few years until you possibly get the hang of things, along with some nasty habits and a few diseases along the way.
Who knows, maybe one of them there hooligans in that video you posted will be the next Josh Carleton. Hell, half of the so called big names in the business now have little if any real art skills. They just know how to photocopy images of Leatherface on people, and everyone and their mom is selling a how-to DVD these days. All of them are freely available to anyone on eBay and youtube now, despite the "for pros only" disclaimer and best intentions of their creators.

As for vasocain, I have no experience with it. I'm not much for numbing agents since most that I know of can cause rough healing.
If Josh likes it, inquire with him some more. But don't get pissy when people don't respond on here. They probably don't have an opinion one way or the other. A lot of topics on here go without a reply for that reason.

All forums have trailed off, not just this one, in part because of the changes limiting the wild west gunslinging of idiot opinons and bullshit keyboard karate matches. But it's also because people are feeling lucky to have jobs in tattooing at a time when many people don't have any work, so we are returning to our roots, bitching less online about petty shit, and valuing the important things like family time and work.
It also has to do with the fact that forums like this are no longer new, and the novelty of it has worn off somewhat, most topics of discussion have bean broached already over and over again, and the information is already out there to answer most questions one may have. Especially now that this forum is categorized, it makes searching for one's topic of interest a lot easier instead of having to start a new one about a subject already discussed multiple times, like scratchers for example.
Lastly is the facebook factor. Everyone is on there now, and a lot of networking and information sharing transpires via the Social Network.

ThunderCats, ThunderCats, ThunderCats Hooooooooooooooooooo.

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by Stephen Griffin from IP: on 03/28/11
Ventura, California United States - website

You nailed it, epic. Changing the format had nothing to do with anything. I got tired of being baited into bullcrap exchanges that lead no where. Most of the people on here whose opinions I do give a shit about are friends on the face place book anyways, and I can see what they're up to without anonymous a holes looking to wage cyber war. I find it interesting that anyone with direct contact with Josh would even be looking for opinions from random strangers. If you're not sure about the vasocain, either don't use it, or use it like you should use anything: in moderation. By the way, its hard to wanna give someone a serious answer when their website links to a yahoo page. I'm not tryin to be a dick, but more artists might respond if they knew who they were talking to.

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by Hairam from IP: on 03/30/11
long beach, Ca United States - website

honestly some people would rather NOT learn on their own, but have a hard time getting an apprenticeship. i have tried to get apprenticeships numerous times and i guess no one wants to share this guarded knowledge...but in my opinion, knowledge is MEANT to be spread in order to avoid unnecessary obstacles...and realistically, if you don't help people in thirst of tattoo knowledge, they are still going to do it anyway and end up making mistakes that could have been avoided

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by Scott Venuti from IP: on 04/08/11
Jacksonville, Florida United States

Those damn hackers hahaha...
I came to this site so as to deal with other artists,
also a member of hyperspace, and all or nothing

I have watched some of this guys vids,
just another little bit of knowledge,
tattooing is so different for each person,
so there is no blanket, no magic secret thing that just makes your tattoos

I just try no to worry about what others are doing, I try to worry about myself
get quality stuff, and always put a little extra into every piece .

glad to see some posting happening here though :)

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RE:Damn Scratcher

Posted by ezra from IP: on 05/15/11
kissimmee, fl United States - website

All i do is scratch the surface! i'm not a digger, lol. in one way or another we all started here, even if we had an apptr. to be called scrather after my first apptr. tattoo would of been a compliment. dont be an elitist. ive been tattooing for over 8 years and my belief is that if your so good...fuck a scrather...i'll fix there work all day, and get paid!!!!

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