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Posted by Deathmetal Missionary from IP: on 03/25/11
Clarksburg, West Virginia United States

so i just got a critical supply about a week ago, and noticed in the presets that the liner is set at a much lower voltage than the shader, which is the exact opposite my setup. is this the norm? i get fine results, just kinda curious on the matter. thanks

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Posted by will from IP: on 03/25/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

anytime anyone asks what the norm is in tattoo it reads like a loaded question.

the lower liner setting is probably due to the (usually) decreased point gap, which would intuitively indicate that they (liners) should run on less voltage. This is not the case however, as most zappists (whoever I stole that term from, thanks) run their shaders with a lot more front spring compression, which is where most of the 'punch' in a punchy shader comes from. So shaders tend to have a larger point gap, but run on less voltage, which sounds ,like the opposite of what they SHOULD do.

Unless you use an o-ring, or don't roll your springs, or there's too much distance between the coils and armature bar, or not enough front spring compression, or too much rear spring tension, or you were born on a Thursday, or you happen to be Chris Angel MINDFREAK! which is why it always reads like a loaded question when someone asks what the norm is. Anyone got a different take on this, I don't have a critical.

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Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 03/26/11
, ny United States - website

Just run it how you run your machines. Who cares what there presets are on. Try it out if you like. You want enough volts to have a smooth machine and enough to push that needle grouping your using in. I dont get why there are presets on it
so i cant really help you but i wanted to atleast chime in :)

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Posted by Deathmetal Missionary from IP: on 03/28/11
Clarksburg, West Virginia United States

thanks for the input guys! i'm pretty comfortable with my results when it comes to lining, but i'm always looking for better ways to do things. much obliged!

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