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Posted by Hairam from IP: on 03/30/11
long beach, Ca United States - website

im very interested in moving away from traditional style tattoos and getting into realism, because realism tattoos and artwork is the only style that gives me chills and an intense longing to do that shit!

one of the things that stands out to me is realistic texture...any info that might help?

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Posted by MisterQ from IP: on 04/19/11
Orlando, Florida United States - website

Yep, texture is "sight beyond sight" lol seriously Thundercats hit on something with that one. You have to interpret 3rd dimension into a 2D plane of existence. A visual trick as it were.

Do some sketch/drawing tutorials on perspective and lighting. I've been drawing like 20 years and a professional photographer for a quarter of a decade in the same span of me lighting is everything.

Lightplay will give your work that almost tangible feel and it's the secret of making 3D turn into 2D.

Skin is the moving medium but in the end it's still a medium. Translation is about taking depth of field and printing it on something that has perspective through it's movement. You can't lose your image if a guy makes a muscle basically. Looking forward to see your new work though, good luck.

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Posted by will from IP: on 04/20/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

I think one of the most important things when rendering texture is the value difference in the piece. The eye registers a difference in contrast much easier than a difference in hue or color, which is why watching black and white television isn't confusing. A good example of this can be seen in Joshua Carlton's work. Also, something I once heard Tom Renshaw say about details: there aren't any secret tricks to rendering details, you just have to take your time and put them in. Luck to you

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Posted by nick baxter from IP: on 04/23/11
austin, tx - website

yeah great advice about converting to grayscale. texture is about creating "architecture", or form, through areas of light and dark. this is the simplest breakdown of it, anyway.

what reveals surface texture of objects? answer: the light that is hitting them. (in pitch blackness, obviously, nothing would show). therefore the study of realism and the skill of texture rendering is, in essence, the study of light and how it hits objects.

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Posted by Johnny404 from IP: on 04/23/11
, United States

Hey Nick, I was wondering if you render a lot of the texture (like biomech stuff) from your artistic memory. Like i know that Alyssa Monks can invent a lot of the steam effects in her paintings. I was wondering if you could recreate a lot of your texture with any given light source on command?

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Posted by nick baxter from IP: on 05/14/11
austin, tx - website

yeah i think any artist who completely immerses themself in the study of their chosen subject matter will reach a point of familiarity with it. this seems only logical. now that i have 10+ years of serious adult artistic study under my belt, i'm just starting to hit the point where many effects like creation of texture can be made from memory.

alyssa monks is fucking fantastic!

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