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New power supply. Need some input.

Posted by Inkstained from IP: on 03/31/11
New york, NY United States

New Power supply. Need input
So I've made a prototype power supply and I need input from people to move forward with manufacturing.
I've designed this one to do the following...separate adjustment for voltage from 0-24v. And separate adjustment for frequency from 50hz-200hz. This is allowing me to use any machine regardless of spring setup for any application. This will also allow me to run a low tension rear spring on any machine as well to avoid overheating coils.
For example, I can run a color machine at a slow 90hz and adjust the voltage strengh for a harder or softer hit, accordingly without sacrificing the speed. Or run a fast 140hz liner and adjust the hit by changing the voltage, again without changing speed.
This is all done by turning a knob on the PS.
Here's he beat part. You can do all this on one machine, regardless of setup
The way the output is designed, the contact screw will now adjust the stroke only. Another good thing is that I can ensure a perfect 50% duty cycle for every machine that is hooked up. I am also working on making this adjustable with a 15% +/- adjustment.
Everything will still run on standard clipcord or RCA so your setup would not change.
With the exception of needing different needle setups, you'll be able to use your favorite machine for anything.
How useful do you think this can be to the industry?

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RE:New power supply. Need some input.

Posted by will from IP: on 04/05/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

I've seen something like this on youtube. If it works it'd be great, and lots of people will buy it as long as it has a cool name and you get someone with a good rep to hock it for you. But the way it looks you'd basically be able to turn any coil machine into a Hawk-type machine just by switching power supplies. Only question I have is if I saw this sort of thing on youtube like four years ago, why hasn't one already been mass produced? Hit all your bases before you spend the money on production, but if it works, it'd be badass.

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