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Custom Springs?

Posted by Jon from IP: on 04/27/11
, United States

I have recently become interested in making my own springs and I was wondering if someone could offer a little advice or suggest some tools.

I had been under the impression that tin snipes were the way to go as far as cutting them but I had read that those were less ideal to use (without a suggestion for an alternate tool). I realize that the edges would need to be polished and smoothed upon using snipes but I'm curious as to what kinda other tools are available.

Also is there a hand held tool one can use for rolling springs? Any help would be appreciated.

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RE:Custom Springs?

Posted by will from IP: on 04/27/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

Metal shears are the way to go. unless you have access to a machine that can punch them out in a single swipe, which most of us don't. Anyone with an idea of where to get something like that reasonably priced would be appreciated btw. The problem with cutting springs by hand is that it's almost impossible to keep the spring (front spring) from twisting during the cutting motion. I always leave a bit of excess at the front of the spring and cut rear to front so that the twist will be worst at the narrow end, then cut it off. You'll also want a spring alignment tool, lotsa supply places sell them and one is probably as good as the next. Also get a tube vise centering tool. I got mine from Pulse but you can find the same thing cheap at lowe's or HD.You'll also want a table vise, cause you'll find out that you don't actually have enough hands and it'll make things a helluva lot easier.

I have a method that I swear by for cutting springs, but it would require a crazy amount of typing. And frankly I have no idea who you are. Feel free to email me and we'll talk. Luck to you.

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RE:Custom Springs?

Posted by PAWNJOB from IP: on 04/29/11
Tinley Park, IL United States - website

Sounds like you just read Joey D's Tattoo Machine book, ha. Me too. Just today actually. Let me know what you find out.

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RE:Custom Springs?

Posted by Scott Venuti from IP: on 05/02/11
Jacksonville, Florida United States

I must be a lazy tattooist...
I read posts about making your own needles,
mixing dry pigments, cutting springs ect...
My hat is off to those before me who used to have to do it all.
but this day in age with so many awesome suppliers I dont want to mess up the good thing thats already been worked out.

omg.. I have turned lazy....

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RE:Custom Springs?

Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 06/19/11
, ny United States - website

I cut my own. Buy a spring making kit with cutters and hole punch. Buy feeler gages at aid auto to cut or spring stocks. I use a piece of tape to put on old springs to cut out the shape then put them on stock and cut around it then file and smooth it out. Hope that helps

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RE:Custom Springs?

Posted by Christopher S. Bullock, M.Sc. from IP: on 09/10/13
Somerset, Kentucky United States - website

If you're making a lot of springs, your best bet is to invest in a punch and die. Most any mid-size town will have a machine shop or two and you should be able to have a punch and die constructed for around $500.

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