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Posted by Tom Ringwalt from IP: on 05/20/11
Somer, CT United States - website


This guy he calls himself SAM has scammed all of us that were attending this event. The last number I had for him is 774-210-0816 which is not recieving messages and he has disabled the facebook page for this event. He has ripped off a lot of people and we would like to know if anyone knows this guy and where we can find him. We have spent over $7000.00 to be here because we sponsored this show. He has blew up our name all over his site to get people to come off our name in which he is a hoax.There is a guy here that has left his sick wife that has cancer at home to come here and try and make some money as a benefit for her and now he has no money do to his traveling expense in which I am going to help him out because I feel really bad for the circumstance. I had Penetentiary ink come down from CA and they have lost over $1500.00. This is very disturbing and upsetting and I apologize for anyone that has spent money to come to this event to buy from us and meet us or more, thinking it would be a legit event because we were attending. If anyone has any questions contact me on my cell 860-305-7435 or if shops in the area needs supplies we have a truck load of supplies if your in the orlando area. If anyone has any info what so ever please let us know so we can go after this guy, he is a piece of shit and has made a lot of people upset, angry, sad, etc...This guy was really good at what he did for he was in contact with us by phone till the final moment of cancellation.

again my apologies to anyone who was attended this event


Convention Info:
Central Florida Fair
4603 W. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32808
Date: May 20-22, 2011

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