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too fast shader

Posted by James Dean Jr. from IP: on 06/10/11
Warren, MI United States - website

so i got a machine (kinda on the cheaper end ) but it was set-up to be the shader, once i got it, i realized it was running real fast, it wouldn't be too bad for b&g work but i want it to be more of a color packer/shader, so i wondering what would be the best way to lower the Hz, a thicker back spring?, a different capacitor?..btw, take it easy on me, Im new, started my apprenticeship but the dude Im learning from(while being a great artist) isn't all that great when it comes to the tech stuff with the machines, thanks guys!

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too fast

Posted by Mystic from IP: on 06/10/11
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand - website

Go to a soft (thinner) front spring as a starting point.

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'Too Fast Shader'

Posted by Soakito from IP: on 06/15/11
New York, NY United States - website

Joshua Carlton talks about something related to your question ("In The Studio With Joshua Carlton" -- I forget in which part, chapter or disc exactly, sorry).

He sets up a shader with a very large gap (he describes it as double-nickel), and states that he made sure to have just enough tension in the spring for it to just touch the contact screw when released (without any extra flex against the screw).

He says this (the long stroke and specific spring tension) allows for the blacks to go in solid. I tried something similar (though not exactly alike), and found that it did put in the black evenly and fully, and even healed up comparatively faster and with less scabbing.

I hope this might have helped some -- I, too, am a beginner in the sense that only recently have I tried to understand the machine more, and play with set-ups and voltage...

Good luck.

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