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Speed vs Force

Posted by Stephen von Staats from IP: on 06/12/11
Northampton, MA United States - website

I've been having trouble tuning my liner lately. I'm trying to get the cps up to somewhere around 120-130 to push a tight 5 or tight 7. I put a thicker front spring on, which did the job, but now it seems as though i'm losing a lot of force. I used to run my machine at like 9 or 10 volts (it's a pulse), now i have to push it at like 12 or 13 even for the tougher skin areas, it seems to be heating up after a half hour of lining or so. I don't want to be pushing it too hard and blow a capacitor or something. Any suggestions for increasing speed without losing too much force? It seems like the more tension i have on the front, the more speed im losing. The air gap is only like a dime as well.

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speed vs force

Posted by James Dean Jr. from IP: on 06/12/11
Warren, MI United States - website

well Im no expert but what wrap coils are you using? if 8's why not try 10 wraps, to keep the heat down, and i don't know what capacitor you're running, but possibly mess around with different capacitors, again, dont take my word as gold but those are my suggestions

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RE:Speed vs Force

Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 06/12/11
, ny United States - website

Well you could change the front springs gage, length or width to make it faster. You could also change out the a bar to make it faster, try different size o rings. If your looking for force try opening the contact or make the stroke length a little bigger. The bigger the air gap the more force the machine will have. Try making the air gap bigger little by little, but to me you will have to change other things as well after doing that to bring it back. Maybe a cap change , rubber bands to tight not sure cause i dont know your set up and how it performs. Hope that helps you out a bit

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RE:Speed vs Force

Posted by Eriksenn from IP: on 06/14/11
Novato, CA United States - website

I run my liner at about 130 cps unloaded, and it has a short front spring .018, rolled. It hits as hard as I need to push loose 7's at less than 7 volts. It has a medium stroke, and a liner abar, no funny cuts or anything... You may want to go back to the .018 front and play with lengths and rear spring tension. btw, rolled front springs are usually going to make a machine run at lower voltage. Buy some from Joey D. @ Infinite Irons, if you want to go that route. Good Luck!

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RE:Speed vs Force

Posted by Stephen von Staats from IP: on 06/17/11
Northampton, MA United States - website

thank you all!

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RE:Speed vs Force

Posted by DENIXXX from IP: on 08/26/11
VESTIGNE' , TO Italy - website

PULSE are great machines

maybe just need some different setup from the one u already use

for have more POWER is better u have 18 SPRING front and rear, for more FAST use 18 REAR and 20 FRONT

maybe the machine have to much stroke now, so this why u need go up with volt, reduce the stroke, u nee bend less the REAR SPRING, so u cut down the VOLTAGE when u use

u wanna use THIGH 5, is better have SHORT STROKE machine

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RE:Speed vs Force

Posted by will from IP: on 09/15/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

What it sounds like you've done stephen, is eliminate the mechanical force from front spring compression by going to a thicker front spring, and you're having to crank up your voltage to compensate. (switching from 8 to 10 wrap coils will not help with the heating up issue and would likely make it worse.) Without going into a small encyclopedia of explanation, when you changed front spring thickness without changing it's length, you're going to lose some stroke length in the process in order to restore that force that you've lost.

To clarify: The front spring compresses some during the upstroke of the machine. once the downstroke commences, this potential energy is released effectively 'launching' the armature bar downward. As the a-bar gets closer to the tops of the coils it accelerates as well. that little bit of front spring compression does a lot to keep the machine running at a consistent speed and force, since without it the a-bar will have a sharper acceleration/decceleration curve. Some people run there machines with a very low fornt spring compression setup and run 12 to 14 volts anyway. But based on your post, I'd say you'd been using a more mechanically efficient setup.

What happened when you swithced to a thicker front spring is that you reduced the range of motion over which the fornt spring absorbs and stores energy. That means that it is releasing the same amoount of energy over a shorter distance, which results in less force.

in order to fix this you'll need to go back to the original thickness and shorten the spring, or use the new spring thickness with a longer spring, in order to keep from sacrifising stroke length. I hope this has helped and sorry for the long-winded explanation. If anyone needs further clarification please let me know.

I fucking LOVE bacon. Wildo.

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RE:Speed vs Force

Posted by mozzer337 from IP: on 09/15/11
Manchester, Lancashire United Kingdom - website

That last post explained exactly how I understand front spring compression. This explains why a thick, or short spring, or an o ring increases the need for more juice when one of these front spring set ups are used. Its all down to electrical force needed resulting in high volts, where by if you set up with a front spring with reasonable compression, then the timing is doing half the work. Its like a kinetic movement to a degree. The magnetism that is generated through the electric is complemented with the kinetic type energy that is generated through the front spring during each cycle. I tried for ever to generate a fast, long stroke, punchy machine, but to me its almost impossible to have both. Something has to give. I have opted for front spring, generated force, rather than speed. A longer punchier stroke can be a better option in my opinion. When the hard front spring is used I have always struggled to get the required force for bigger groupings. Just a case of slowing hand speed down to match the cycle speeds. I line with a machine now that runs at 110 cps

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RE:Speed vs Force

Posted by Underground from IP: on 08/31/12
las vegas, nv United States - website

simple you have too much rear spring tension the machine has to over come it and thus the extra volts if it were set at 2.5 - 3mm gap( 135-150Hz ) and 425 grams tension it will run at 6v

Alchemy Irons

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rear spring tension

Posted by Jerry San Martin from IP: on 09/03/12
South El Monte , Ca United States - website

I agree with the last post. You may have too much rear spring tension. You can also use an O-Ring to speed up your machine. Check out my site for more tattoo machine info:

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