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Posted by Eriksenn from IP: on 07/07/11
Novato, CA United States - website

Hey all, have a question ... I have been using the nitrile gloves from Costco for a couple years, and they are affordable and well-made. Or, they Were well made!Recently they started jamming 200 into a box, instead of 150, for about the same price. Good, right? Wrong. Lately they have been ripping when putting on, and seem tighter on my hands. I hoped it was just a bad batch, but have had the same problem again and again. It got so bad, that every 3rd or 4th glove was ripping, and they all seemed much tighter...Aargh
So, I picked up a box of Raven gloves from Kragen auto parts. They are super thick like 6ml, and I like the texture. THEN, I noticed they say , "Not for medical use, or barrier protection..." Weird, really? I imagine they somehow are not as stringently tested, and this is the reason for such disclaimer. I used them for a tattoo, then saw the label. Damn, should I just keep them for car work, or what? It sucks buying gloves mail order, and I work in my own private studio, so I pay. Costco was great, but they have been sucking hard... Any recommendations for good,thick(at least 4ml) nitrile gloves? Mail order is fine, as locally finding these can be hard.

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Posted by Epicdermis from IP: on 07/07/11
East Petersburg, PA United States - website

You could just buy gloves from a reputible supplier. Is $70 or $80 really too much for a case of quality gloves? Never had an issue with gloves from any of the many legit supply companies I deal with. They do ask proof of studio though. Is "private" studio code for tattooing out of your house?

I own and operate a private studio, registered and taxed, and I do it all by my lonesome. Never had an issue with not being able to afford proper gear. It may cut into the profit margin a tad bit to do shit right, but I think my health and that of my clients is worth the extra coin, and in the long run the peace of mind alone is well worth the extra few dollars.

Lesson for today: Dont buy medical supplies at auto parts stores, buy them from reputible medical supply distributors. Dont be such a cheap ass.

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Posted by Eriksenn from IP: on 07/08/11
Novato, CA United States - website

Gee, I kinda figured I would get some valuable advice from epicdermis! Thanks dude... For the record , I tattoo out of the back of my trusty F150. Hence the auto store connection. My setup and equipment rivals that of any studio I have seen, yours included. I am not a cheap-ass, and have nothing to prove to you big boss.
I am actually looking for advice from someone without a fat stick up their bungtrap. I have no problem ordering supplies mail order, but in a pinch used local product...blah blah pointless explanation blah. I want gloves that are thick, and quality.
Anyone like the adenna line? I have had problems with some glove brands being a size smaller than stated, like the black dragon gloves. I need xxl!
Yeah man , I can order from tattoo suppliers too! Imagine that. I just was looking for input from actual pros without massive egos, Not Colin Nolt.

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Posted by Epicdermis from IP: on 07/08/11
East Petersburg, PA United States - website

So order from a supply catalog then. They are generally pretty helpful when you call them about a product that you have questions about, if you have an account with them.

If you are looking for help from professionals, it is best to not brag up your truck mounted set up. You've never been in my studio or watched me work, so you cant possibly know how it compares to your operation, but it doesnt help your credibility any to come on here talking shit about Costco gloves or the box you bought at the auto store. What makes a professional a professional is that we do things correctly, safely, and honestly, dont cut corners or skimp, and are stable and stationary in our base of business. Traveling is one thing, but those of us who travel always come back to a stable and stationary, legitimate studio space. It bodes much better for ones credibility and accountability when they can be easily located at a brick and morter business address.

Im really not trying to be a dick here, but if you ever read these forums, you should know that pretty much everything you just wrote is frowned upon by the professional artists you are seeking advice from.

I'm flattered that you took the two seconds to look up my studio and find my full name. Capitol detective work there Columbo.


Colin Nolt

Epicdermis Custom Tattoos for Cool People
2028 State Street
East Petersburg, PA 17520

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Posted by Scott Venuti from IP: on 07/08/11
Jacksonville, Florida United States


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Posted by Eriksenn from IP: on 07/08/11
Novato, CA United States - website

Ahh, I see...You must be a Chevy guy!

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Posted by Ed from IP: on 07/08/11
Wallingford, CT United States - website

Been looking for a nitrile glove that I like too, been hating them cause they dont stretch like latex, they are either too rigid or too thin, no stretch, too hard to pull on, especially when its humid, and sometimes slippery on the grip. I Hate that... Just tried a case of Alasta from Dash medical, they are medical grade, non-latex, powder-free, and they have a stretch, feel, and texture very similar to latex. They dont feel like nitrile at all, are about as thick as standard latex too, Ive tried microflex, and the alasta are just a little thinner, but not as thin as the cheaper nitrile out there. nice texture on the fingertips, too, no issues with the grips slipping like Ive had with other nitrile. I dont want to sound like a commercial, but when I find a product that makes my job a little easier, especially after endless searching, I gotta share the wealth. Try em youll like em. oh, and theyre cheap too, about 60 bucks a case with free shipping. I bet auto zone can't beat that. good luck.

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Posted by Eriksenn from IP: on 07/09/11
Novato, CA United States - website

Thanks Ed. The black maxx gloves from dash are exactly what I am looking for ! Glad you chimed in... Now I just need some cheap, used needles and I am set. Got any?jk

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