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Capacitor Question

Posted by James Dean Jr. from IP: on 07/13/11
Warren, MI United States - website

So lately Ive been trying to learn as much as I can about the workings of my machines, as far as capacitors go I understand how the Uf effects the speed of the machine but I was curious what if any change the "working voltage" has on it, say I had a 22uf 35v capacitor and changed to a 22uf 50v capacitor, what would the difference be? I know these tech questions may seen silly, but I figure it can't hurt to learn as much as I possibly can about the machines were using to permanently put a piece of work onto someones skin

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RE:Capacitor Question

Posted by James Dean Jr. from IP: on 07/18/11
Warren, MI United States - website

i realize this is probably a stupid question being that nobody has responded, but Im just curious, i would think that since we are using such a low voltage usually not going over 10 volts a capacitor with the same uf and and a different max working voltage either 35v or 50v, being that were not coming near either of those voltages the capacitors would essentially be/work the same, but i've noticed on many online tattoo supply sites, they sell capacitors with the same uf's but you can choose either 35v or 50v's so I was thinking there was more to it, and will effect how the machine runs, I'm no expert in electronics and I'm fairly new to learning the workings of tattoo machines but I want to learn as much as possible, so if someone could chime in id appreciate it, Thanks guys

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RE:Capacitor Question

Posted by will from IP: on 07/26/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

The voltage rating on a capacitor is just the max operating voltage for that cap. It doesn't effect the speed of the machine and you should be able to get away with anything over 18 volts since most power supplies don't go higher than that. Have fun with it.

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RE:Capacitor Question

Posted by James Dean Jr. from IP: on 07/28/11
Warren, MI United States - website

yeah thats what i figured, it just struck me odd when multiple tattoo parts suppliers would offer you the same uf but in a 35v or 50v and i just didn't get why they would even put the option in there knowing it has no difference when working with tattoo machines, those voltages are shown to let you know when the cap would exceed it max voltage and explode but when working with voltages not near to 35 or 50, couldn't understand how this would effect the machines performance, and i guess it doesnt, they just put the option in there just to be in there i guess..

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Posted by Indelible Mark from IP: on 07/29/11
Austin, TX United States - website

Hmmm, well going by the V=I*R (voltage = current x resistance) formula the resistance in your machine will increase the hotter it gets (i forget the equation for thermal effect on resistance). So, theoretically, if you have a machine that runs hot, then you'd want a capacitor that exceeds the voltage requirements for room temperature operation. This is just a guess, I'm not a machine builder but I do have a degree in engineering.

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Joule Heating

Posted by Indelible Mark from IP: on 07/29/11
Austin, TX United States - website

Okay, I looked up the equation for Joule Heating, which is the heat that is created when a current is passed through a conductor that has electrical resistance.
Q (Joule heating) = Current squared x resistance
And the change in conductivity with temperature is
R(T) = Ro[ 1 + a ( T - To)]
The above equation will yield the percentage change in conductivity per change in unit temperature.
So, I'm pretty sure that is why the machines are using capacitors well above the standard operating range of 12 volts. When the machine is running it will create heat and increase the resistance which then means the voltage must be increased in order to maintain a constant current. This stuff is all on Wikipedia if you're really interested.

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RE:Capacitor Question

Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 08/09/11
, ny United States - website

There are no dumb questions. People tend to think #'s dont matter,mean nothing. These people are stupid and uneducated with machines,basic. Numbers are the physics of the machine and measurments that show the performance to exact. Speed ,cycle,clean cycle are all Very important in tuning. Like Gaston said his machines dont go out after him just rubbing his thumb on nipple , the feel and hit, sound aint shit compared to actual numbers showing performance to exact. If #s mean nothing to you thats saying you can tattoo with a machine at 80cps and then just switch to 150cps and tattoo exactly the same. People who say numbers mean nothing admitt they know nothing. Fine tuning a machine involves #s , numbers mean nothing if you dont know what the numbers actually mean. It blows my mind how people can say speed dont matter, duty cycle, skips/unclean cycle. Welcome to the future haha if it wasnt for eikon and measuring a machine artists would still believe that turning the screw is how you set speed or worse thinking the back spring tension/back spring controls speed. Ok im done , tune how you like people and what works for YOU but dont get it twisted those numbers show the exact performance of your machine and help you fine tune the machine to run at its best. A artist who knows how to tune a machine correctly is a complete artist in my book. Welcome to the future kiddies , we now have advancements, would you want your air pressure in your car tire to be measured to exact or just a guess haha may have been a dumb example but you get my drift old people. Yes i brought this topic back WHAT !! Good night america

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RE:Capacitor Question

Posted by Christopher S. Bullock, M.Sc. from IP: on 02/22/13
Somerset, Kentucky United States - website

I think most suppliers offer the same uf rated capacitor with different max. voltages because of size differences. For example, a 47uf 35v capacitor is typically a little smaller than the 47uf 50v... Sometimes a smaller dimension capacitor is needed to fit between the frame and coils.

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Posted by dagat from IP: on 05/13/13
cebu, cebu Philipines - website

capacitor is your up&low grade gear that can be loaded for the speed effect according to uf value; sence lower # of uf is much stroke per second and the high # uf is less stroke per second.; nothing do for speed the volt value.

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