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Starting fresh again

Posted by Chris R from IP: on 09/20/11
Chilliwack, BC Canada - website

Ok I did my apprenticeship in Calgary alberta in 1990/91, and tattooed for quite a few years until my construction business took the majority of my time . I did not do a lot of tattooing for about a 10 year period and then couple years ago I decided that I might try to ink again .It wasn't until the last couple months that I got really serious. I have now set up a room in my house to get enough practice in with a hope to getting back in a shop within the next year.
There have been some huge improvements in the tattoo world since I was tattooing last as well as some really negative aspects . Love premade and presterilized needles and tubes , I hated making needles from scratch ,and disposable tubes though not as solid are a far cry better then reusing the same metal tubes over and over.. There is a lot more crappy items on the market today , there are so many inks ,needles and machines that should have never been put on the market . Huge thank you to companies like Starbrite , Intenze, Kuro Sumi ,Iron Butterfly and Moms for producing decent ink .I know there are other companies that I still need to try out but that will come with time.
Some artists working in a shop might consider me a scratcher because I tattoo out of my house and that is fine ,though I realize that I have learned more in theory from reading forums such as this and from hands on experience over the last couple months then I did during my 2 year apprenticeship .
Huge thanks to some of the guys posting info on this forum as there is lots of great info here . I am sure it is going to take me some time to get back to the level I was tattooing before and even longer time to get to the level I want to be .

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RE:Starting fresh again

Posted by Chris R from IP: on 09/20/11
Chilliwack, BC Canada - website

I think I posted this in the wrong section ,

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RE:Starting fresh again

Posted by will from IP: on 11/11/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

IMHO I believe that if you ever leave the tattoo biz after having been blessed with the opportunity to actually do it, you should stay gone. And an amateur tattooer working from home is by definition what a scratcher is. If you want to get back into the business anyway, the only ethical way to do it would be to get a new apprenticeship. Otherwise, you're probably setting yourself up to get abused by some people on this forum. a word to the wise is usually enough.

You didn't appear to be asking a question but I got the feeling you were trying to get advice on how to get back into the business/what products to use.

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