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Bags, Machines, and Madacide

Posted by derek poitra from IP: on 09/29/11
arvada, CO United States - website

I am sorry if this has already been discussed here but I was wondering any thoughts on this subject. There are artists that do not bag and ones that do. And ones that do and spray the hell out of the machine with madacide after coming out of the bag. But any pros and cons on this subject if you can. I bag and clean with madacide, not spray it all over the machine but use Q-tips and try to get in every surface or crack, and alcohol as well. Thanks Nick and if this has already been discussed sorry for the repeat.

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RE:Bags, Machines, and Madacide

Posted by will from IP: on 11/17/11
gallatin, tn United States - website

Madacide is corrosive to certain metals, so you'll want to be judicious in it's use. spraying a coil machine down with madacide after every tattoo could eat the finish off and contribute to rusting. I'd recommend using alchohol to remove any madacide residue after said spray down. I don't bag my machines, not that I think there's anything wrong with it, but my machines don't spray pigment all over the place so it's unnecessary. getting in there with a q-tip is also good.

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Posted by chris van r from IP: on 11/17/11
Yeppoon, Qld Australia - website

i don't feel that machine spray is a valid reason to bag or not bag your machines. i see it as soon as you start to work, the work surface becomes contaminated. when you put your machine down it is now on a contaminated surface. why not bag it??? the 10 cents and 3 seconds it takes to do it seems pretty minor for that added barrier.

as for the original question, try to use a 5-1 like clippacide [sp?] or one of the wipes that says it's okay on all surface types like metal and plastics. just spray it on a paper towel to wipe down...q-tip if you need to get in any tighter areas.

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RE:Bags, Machines, and Madacide

Posted by Scoobie from IP: on 02/26/20
Cleveland, Tn United States - website

Use clippercide that has oil in it for coil machines and is not corrosive

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