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stl/ follow through question

Posted by James Dean Jr. from IP: on 10/29/11
Warren, MI United States - website

this has probably came up more than once in this forum i assume but i rebuilt a liner and im having problems keeping the follow through at 0%, i made sure there is a flat hit on the spring w/ contact screw, the spring and tip of contact is clean, but im going back anf forth from 10-13%, now i dont know how much this will actually effect the performance, but id rather have it at 0, i also notice when i back the contact screw off the flt goes down to almost 0, but then i have the problem of running a large gap and its not something i want for my liner, i like the dime gap rule of thumb gap, so what else can i do? would too much or too little rubber band tension effect this? or the bend of the needle (too much to less)..i know number arent everthing but id like to have 0% stl

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RE:stl/ follow through question

Posted by James Dean Jr. from IP: on 11/10/11
Warren, MI United States - website

well i did some things i thought would help, fitting my needle bar to the a bar ver snug with paper towel, changed up rubber band tension (still not sure how much pull i should have) but also made a flat hit on the sprint, one thing i haven't done is try different o-ring if anyone has a trick up their sleeve, I'm gonna cute your sleeves off!! no jk, but an help would be great l appreciated, better my machine works the better i tattoo thanks guys, hope you can help Thanks - James Dean (es thats m real name ha

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RE:stl/ follow through question

Posted by clever thoughts from IP: on 11/22/11
, ny United States - website

Maybe your front spring is hitting the bar towards the bottom of the spring. Stretch the o ring so it is more towards the front. Get a flat front coil and bar hit also and a flat screw and spring contact.

Try moving o ring towards the front of the spring more. Make sure bend on needle bar is good and loop is snug tight on nipple.

Sometimes it is a pain in the ass, a 9 is almost as good as a 0 i was told by Gaston from FK Irons. Try what i said and see what happens. Hope that helps

PS. Short front springs seem to be easier, either 15/16 gauge or up it dont matter. I use a 16 short and run it long stroke, short front spring dont mean has to be a liner. There are no have to's in machine tuning. If all else fails run it and see how it pushes ink. It should work just as good as long as it sounds smooth and consistent. RCA connections are great for consistency i changed all my coils to RCA with 250% better results. Just a tip

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RE:stl/ follow through question

Posted by Jerry San Martin from IP: on 06/25/12
South El Monte , Ca United States - website

STL is a different reading than follow thru. STL is more sensitive. Check out my site for more tattooing info:

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