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wtf happened to my lining?

Posted by sean from IP: on 05/01/12
Delta, BC Canada - website

i swear i used to be able to do this! i'm not sure what i've been doing wrong. i BELIEVE my technique is the same- consistent hand speed, 90-45 degree angles . compared to my older work, i've been using different ink and a different machine. can anyone tell if this is an equipment or user error? inconsistent depth? power fluctuations in the machine?

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wtf happened

Posted by Mystic from IP: on 05/04/12
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand - website

Hi Sean, I checked out your site and I would say you would know if your machines are not getting penetration just from experience, so I would suggest you use a different black. Looks like someone has made the black without dispersing it properly, like mixing a carbon powder with the carrier liquid by hand or something. Carbon's are very hard to disperse and this looks exactly like un-dispersed Carbon, you can not see the difference in a bottle side by side of good dispersed black and un-dispersed black as they will both look ok. But if you want to get a good look at it you need two pieces of flat glass, put a drop of the black you are having problems with on one and half an inch away put a drop of black you know is good and then gently lower the other piece of glass on top so it presses the two drops out until the edges touch and at that point I bet you will see a big difference, with the poor one looking very grey. You need to do it in good sunlight as you can only see the effect for a second or two until they merge.

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Posted by Roumen from IP: on 07/19/12
mississauga, on Canada - website

What I find interesting is the fact that there is a blow out right next to a scratchy line. To me that means, too deep and not deep enough.
Does the new machine lack force? Do you feel like you have to dig in a little extra to get the line to stick? I'm no master, but to me it looks like a machine issue. cheers dude, I hope you got it figured out by now.

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Posted by CROOK SFV from IP: on 07/20/12
van nuys ca, CA United States - website

When I finish the outline and it is in the healing process it gets bumpy I fell the whole outline?is that good is that the way it should heal after all the outline looks cool

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RE:wtf happened to my lining?

Posted by Jerry San Martin from IP: on 07/21/12
South El Monte , Ca United States - website

Check your needle taper and tightness. You need long taper needles to begin with. Second, Super-tight configurations will use a black ink specific for lining. Lining ink is thinner and can be released from the creveces of the needles for good capillary action. Medium tight and loose tight needles can pretty much take any other black ink as long as the machine is set-up proper and tattooist has good hand technique. I recommend: dermaglo, ONE ink and Eternal Lining for all bugpin or super-tight needles. All bugpin rounds that Ive seen so far are super-tight. Hope this helps. Also, check out my website for more tattoo info:

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Posted by Roumen from IP: on 07/22/12
mississauga, on Canada - website

Hey dude, if your lines are raised consistently during healing you might want to check the following:
is your machine hitting to hard- if it is try to shrinking the air gap or a harder back spring
the duty should be no lower then 45%- % measures when the point gap is closed(needles are not sticking out of the tube). If its lower you could have some needle drag. A harder back spring will raise you%
how many passes you make over a line-
I hope this helps.

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