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Liners bogging down recently

Posted by sjp125 from IP: on 09/26/12
central, NJ United States - website

I've had a recent problem with a couple of my liners, where the machine runs fine loaded, but once I hit the skin it starts to bog down and not put in a solid line, and almost makes a grinding sound. I've changed clip cords, played with the bend on my needles and made sure my front springs weren't worn out, and filed my contact screws of any build-up. I do use disposable tubes, but it happens with my steel ones too (but not as often). I feel this is obviously an error in my set up considering it happens with more than one machine. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Liner Bog

Posted by Jerry San Martin from IP: on 10/04/12
South El Monte , Ca United States - website

Try reducing rubber band tension. Use two rubber bands instead of three or increase voltage. Also, the tube size is the correct one for the needles being used. In fact, for lining use a round tube and not a diamond tip. You can also check out my website for more machine tip:

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RE:Liners bogging down recently

Posted by Roumen from IP: on 10/06/12
mississauga, on Canada - website

hey dude, try increasing the voltage like the dude above said. Also if the machine is new, you might want to turn the contact screw a quarter turn.

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RE:Liners bogging down recently

Posted by Epicdermis from IP: on 10/08/12
East Petersburg, PA United States - website

If it is affecting more than one machine, and out of the blue like you say it is after a long period of running fine, it would be an extraordinary coincidence if all of your machines went out of tune at the same time. It is most likely either your set-up, or your power unit/ clip cord/ foot switch. Did you try a new set-up recently? New power supply? Did you test your machines on another power supply at all?

Could anyone have fucked with your machines?

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