Welcome to my forums. These are offered to artists and the general public as a place to foster positive and constructive communication about any topic we choose. This is part of a larger effort to better ourselves, by promoting the spread of knowledge and useful information.

In order to move toward this goal, I reserve the right to remove any content which is clearly unproductive, unhelpful, slanderous, or otherwise promoting negativity and conflict between forum participants. Our registration system allows myself and the people at tattoonow.com to see your email address and IP address, in order to permanently block anyone who chooses to disregard the reasonable and minimal forum rules. Hopefully this will be an unnecessary safeguard, as I encourage all of you to work together to "self-police" the forum to ensure it's a great place for everyone and anyone to share.

Being the host and chief moderator to this forum, anything posted in it naturally reflects on me, therefore it's my responsibility to maintain professional standards for myself, and to encourage others to do the same for themselves. Anything you post naturally also reflects back on you, so I also encourage everyone to hold themselves to a standard of respectful and intelligent communication.

Welcome and thank you for making this forum a great resource! This opportunity is what WE make of it!

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