Tattoo Appointments and Scheduling


I currently tattoo at Art Realm Tattoo, in Austin TX.


Please email me through the "contact" button on this site to recieve information on submitting a request or scheduling your tattoo.          


I do not draw tattoo designs unless I will be the one tattooing them, on a client who already has an appointment booked, with deposit paid. If you’re in need of a tattoo artist who’s geographically closer to yourself to both draw and do your tattoo, try searching on a database like


Safety Concerns


I strive to maintain levels of cleanliness above and beyond industry standards.  I stay updated on the best sanitation practices and preventative measures by taking seminars designed specifically for the tattoo industry.  All of my tattoo needles are bought pre-made and sterilized by the manufacturer, and are disposed of in proper sharps containers after single use.  I also use tubes and grips (the parts that house the needle during the tattoo) that are single-use disposable, and sterilized by the manufacturer.  All of my tattoo inks are bought from companies who are respected industry leaders.  These companies should be able to present Material Safety Data Sheets upon request of any potential tattoo collector.  If you have any other questions about disease prevention and sanitation practices, please feel free to email me or ask during your tattoo appointment.