Tattoo Appointments and Scheduling


I currently tattoo in a private studio by appointment only, in Austin TX.


Due to the number of return clientele I’ve built up through my 15+ years of tattooing, I sometimes can't accept proposals from potential new clients.  When booking appointments, in-progress tattoos get first priority, and new clients are scheduled only when time allows.  Unfortunately there is no exact science for this process, because it’s dependent on many changing factors. Therefore I can’t always pinpoint waiting times or guarantee any future appointments for new requests. 


If you’ve received a personal response from me because I like your tattoo proposal, but scheduling doesn’t work out at first, please try again.  I usually ask people who are waiting, to stay on my radar by sending a reminder email once every few months to let me know they’re still interested.


The tattoos I do are selected on how much I like the idea, how closely I feel it matches up with my artistic style, or simply what I feel is fun at the time. 


Artistic freedom is strongly preferred.  Most of the tattoos I do end up being full color in a highly rendered, painterly style. However, inspiration depends on the individual idea.  If you have something in mind that doesn’t seem like my typical style, feel free to inquire regardless.


Since I charge an hourly rate, prices for single-sitting tattoos are determined upon completion of the piece, based on elapsed time.  However, clients are welcome to provide a spending limit in advance, which can help me tailor the amount of time I spend on the tattoo to that amount.


Similarly, prices for multi-session tattoos are determined on a sitting-by-sitting basis only.  In the ideal scenario, the only criteria I consider is however long a project takes to be as perfect as I can get it. This ensures the quality of the work, and that neither the client nor myself gets locked into a predetermined price that is no longer accurate by the end.  


I do not draw tattoo designs unless I will be the one tattooing them, on a client who already has an appointment booked with me. If you’re in need of a tattoo artist who’s geographically closer to yourself, try searching on a tattoo artist database like


Safety Concerns


I strive to maintain levels of cleanliness above and beyond industry standards.  I stay updated on the best sanitation practices and preventative measures by taking seminars designed specifically for the tattoo industry.  All of my tattoo needles are bought pre-made and sterilized by the manufacturer, and are disposed of in proper sharps containers after single use.  I also use tubes and grips (the parts that house the needle during the tattoo) that are single-use disposable, and sterilized by the manufacturer.  All of my tattoo inks are bought from companies who are respected industry leaders.  These companies should be able to present Material Safety Data Sheets upon request of any potential tattoo collector.  If you have any other questions about disease prevention and sanitation practices, please feel free to email me or ask during your tattoo appointment.


Large Tattoos


Most full sleeves are completed in the range of 20 to 60 hours, divided into sessions that may span 3-12 months, depending on frequency and duration.  A full back piece could be longer than this.  Regardless, it all depends on the individual and their project.  Ideally, appointments will be scheduled from 3 weeks to 2 months apart until the project is completed, in order to maintain a steady rate of progress.  Generally speaking, the more time that goes by between sittings on a complex tattoo project, the harder it is for me to maintain the artistic continuity and inspiration needed to produce the best possible result. Please keep this in mind if you'd like to begin a large tattoo project with me.  If you think that factors such as money reliability, job, distance, etc may drastically interfere with your ability to schedule tattoo sittings at regular intervals, then you may want to consider getting a smaller tattoo, or waiting until you're more sure of your logistics.  Getting large tattoos is a commitment!