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“Pest”, oil on panel, 11 x 11 inches, 2019

Here’s a silly random painting I made recently.

“Pest” Oil on insect shaped panel For @christian1perez ‘s “Metamorphosis” art show at Hope Gallery in New Haven CT, September 7, 2019

What if humans are actually the cockroaches, infesting this beautiful planet and spreading disease, pollution, war, garbage, and waiting to be exterminated by an increasingly angry Mother Nature?

This ridiculous painting started with that premise, or nagging question, in mind, and then just snowballed from there…

Coming up with an effective composition on a laser-cut beetle shaped panel with very thin arms sticking out proved difficult, and eventually led me right back to the most obvious solution: acknowledge the shape of the panel with the image itself. Why slap a random image on a bug-shaped surface? So I slapped a bug-shaped semi-self portrait of me on a bug-shaped surface.

The inspiration for the tattoo on my, uhh, its? back was an ancient Egyptian temple carving of a scarab beetle, and then I paired it with a classic traditional Americana tattoo dagger. The inspiration for the butthole and sack from the back was–ahh, actually, I’ll just stop there. Enjoy.

“Pest” (detail)


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