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Aluminum Limited Edition Prints

A few months ago I had an opportunity to produce limited edition prints of some recent paintings from my Apostasy series on a unique material: DiBond brushed aluminum.

Anointing, Hand of God, and Transfiguration (2012-13)

This was an experiment to create a striking, ultramodern aesthetic that compliments the surgical subject matter and my photorealist painting style, and I believe the results were spectacular. The finished prints have the sheen of sterile metal when the light catches them, which picks up the highlight areas of the subject matter and makes them gleam.

Because printing on metal is much pricier than paper, and preparing the digital files is a little trickier, I started out with a very small edition size of only 2 copies each (for a total of 6), at a higher price than previous prints I’ve made, but they all sold out within a month or so (thanks, people!).

Another great part of this project was having the opportunity to visit the printing house during production, seeing the high-tech process unfold over the course of a few hours. The giant printer, remotely controlled by an experienced operator, reminded me of the sets in classic sci-fi movies like Alien and the robotics of my all-time favorite, Terminator…which presented a fun synchronicity with the theme and symbolism of the paintings.

Happy New Year’s to anyone who actually reads this blog, and may your 2014 be happy, healthy and filled with success! …and remember, every minute of every day is the start of a new year, so make every moment of your life be filled with hope and purpose, not just on this brief “holiday.”

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