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Finding Your Heart Again

Recent artwork and graphic design for Bronx, NY band Daly’s Gone Wrong.

CD with trifold insert and 11 x 17 poster.

The imagery and design concept was based on the title (and overarching theme) of the record, Finding Your Heart Again. I created a pair of heart paintings to symbolize the emotional transformation implied in the title, and centered them in a clean, spacious layout. I avoided black (except in the barcode), instead using a medium warm gray for all text, creating a subtler look reminiscent of having to search and find. The modern but elegantly delicate Proxima Nova Light typeface was used throughout, with the forward slash character ( / ) emphasized as a text-organizing device.

I wanted to add some interest to the title and create a visual play on the phrase ‘gone wrong’ in the band name, so I inserted a capital X over the second letter O. This calls forth the feeling of classic typewriter corrections and is reminiscent of the ever-present modern ‘no’ symbol (further emphasized throughout the text with the aforementioned slashing character).

The pair of hearts I painted for this album were the start of a new series of heart paintings that I hope to exhibit later this year. Stay tuned for updates on that project.


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