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In Review 2: Forever Losing Sleep

Indie rock band Forever Losing Sleep recently released a new album titled I Lost Myself Again, which features one of my photographs as the album cover. I’m honored to have provided the visual accompaniment to these amazing sounds, and my ears confirm to me that my grainy nighttime tree image snapped while roaming the quiet streets of Evian, France this past April is indeed the match to the mood of this music.

(untitled), photo/digital, 2014

Active for the past few years, FLS hails from New Jersey with a slow and darkly melodic sound influenced by the melancholy Seattle grunge of the early 90’s as well as the most successful wave of emo bands who peaked a decade later. Throughout this collection of songs, moody ethereal passages complemented by soft crooning build up to crescendos of heavier crashing chords and tasteful throaty howls, with plenty of reverb and echo sprinkled throughout, finally giving way to the open space of sparse, ringing feedback.

Forever Losing Sleep’s debut LP

…Like staring up at the moonlit trees on a midnight walk through the hushed small town you know too well, too full of skeletons in dusty closets to be quite hushed enough for you to catch any sleep.

Complete your insomniac’s soundtrack at the Forever Losing Sleep bandcamp page, and be sure to name a price worthy of the cost, work, and time put into the independent recording and releasing of a fine debut album.

(P.s. see my first “In Review” blog post here)


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