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Minds In Morpheus

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Last year I gave my friend Emily a secret preview showing of my Reclaiming series before shipping them off to Portland for their debut at a gallery there. Emily’s first impressions of the images I had created resurfaced powerfully in a dream soon after. Long the recipient of intensely detailed dreams, with the gift of remembrance, she recollects these on her (often quite entertaining) online dream journal called Minds In Morpheus.

Step into Emily’s Baxter-illustrated Surrealist dreamscape here.

I always appreciate the connection of my work to the unconscious or subconscious realms, as my paintings are often adaptations of visions from my own dream life. Emily’s narrative featuring my images was a fun little escape, a creative exercise in stream-of-consciousness association not all too dissimilar from the parlour game Exquisite Corpse popularized by one of my foremost influences, the Surrealists, during the height of their 20th century artistic movement.

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