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Perception Of Being: NFT Redux

The Origin Story and The Epilogue

Sometime around 2013, during a tattooing trip to South America, I was led into the Amazon rainforest looking for adventure and healing. A shaman there told me I needed to heal my heart. Simple and obvious advice, but the source of that advice and its context gave it weight that haunted me at times. By the end of that year the healer’s directive had fully settled into my subconscious—as the urge finally struck me to manifest his teaching through the transformative power of art. So I painted heart after heart throughout most of 2014. Simple and direct images from simple and direct advice, meant for contemplation and meditative introspection. You, the viewer, get to decide precisely what each representation of the heart means to you, just as I once did. And hopefully they inspire healing in you just as they did for me.