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Sad Little Whale

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

I like having a blog where I can document all the random creative whims that comprise a large portion of my time here on planet Earth. Although losing private little moments forever in the vast oblivion of time is something I find quite romantic, I also derive a supreme satisfaction from the obsessive documentation of creative minutiae. I guess the (percieved?) contribution of manifested creative energy to the great human project of Enjoyment On Planet Earth is also quite romantic. “A few grains of sand on the beach came from me” is a satisfying thought sometimes.

Anyway. Randomly I drew this sad little whale (oxymoron), blogged about it here, then randomly decided to color it in with some Prismacolor pencils and give it as a random gift to a friend.

The excrement of fun diversions.

Boycott BP Civilization

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