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Wildlife In the Post-Natural Age 2

This past Friday, September 14th was the opening reception of my friend Cara‘s curatorial debut at the WIlliamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, NY, in which I had 2 hand-retouched photographsfeatured.

Tonight I found a rather heartwarming email in my inbox regarding the exhibit, and thought to share it here.

I’m honored to be a part of this, and I’m proud of my friend’s accomplishment:

Dear Cara, the participating artists, interns, volunteers and staff members and all. I and the WAH staff members want to thank you for bringing a great show to the WAH Center. It is a big duty for a curator to put up a show as big and as excellent as this one. Cara is not only a fine artist but also a great curator/organizer who could see with her keen aesthetic judgement and logistical abilities how to bring the show to fruition. The opening was a full house with many new and young visitors all celebrating with good cheer. We would like to share with you this video of the opening reception on Youtube. Since the show still goes on for another two weeks, please tell your friends and people whom you know to come and enjoy it, as it is a worthy show that one cannot miss. Many many thanks again, Much Love, Yuko Nii, Founder & Artistic Director WAH Center (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center) “WAH means peace, harmony, or unity in Japanese”

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the opening reception, nor will I be able to view the exhibit in person before it comes down, but here is the video mentioned in the email above.

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