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While listed as a product, this item is technically a service. The buyer will receive a critique of up to 3 tattoos, delivered in the form of digital files, which may include images, videos, and text, by the agreed upon date.


After receiving the buyer's tattoos via email (to, I will use a digital art application such as ProCreate to make edits, markups, and notes directly on each tattoo image. These will be accompanied by deeper explanations in written form, including recommended skill building exercises or educational books for further reading on the topics brought up in my notes, and/or screen recording process videos if needed to supplement my explanations.


Unlike a shallow personal opinion on the artist's work, a thorough and science-based critique of this depth provides real value and actionable tasks for artistic growth, and can be thought of as a one-time mentorship, or like dropping into an art class at a local art school.


Highly recommended for any beginner to intermediate tattooer looking for that unbiased outside perspective that can be the key to leveling up their application of the craft!

Tattoo Portfolio Critique

  • 1. Must have website or social media account verifying that you tattoo in a professional/licensed studio.

    2. Must have the ability to view digital files (ProCreate, jpeg, psd), mp4/quicktime videos, and/or pdf documents.

    3. Must email tattoos chosen for critique to, with order # and "critique" in subject line

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