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Time: Tattoo Art Today

For the past few months I’ve had a painting hanging in a groundbreaking exhibit at Somerset House in London, showcasing the fine art of contemporary tattooers and commemorating the newfound crossover and intermingling of the previously disparate tattoo and art worlds.

Having just returned from London where I viewed the exhibit, I can say that the museum and curators did an excellent job representing the tattoo world that I’m a part of alongside my fine art pursuits. The collection of works is impressive in scale and in its variety of mediums and styles, with a great quote by legendary American tattooer-turned-painter Don Ed Hardy on the wall as you walk in.

If you want to own the entire exhibition in printed form, luckily a gorgeous catalogue was published, featuring quotes by every artist as well as essays by the curators and aforementioned Hardy. Unluckily, though, there is no way that I can find (as of writing this blog post) where you can buy the book online. You can however buy it in person, in the museum bookshop.

My contribution to the exhibition, Heals All Wounds, 50 x 70 cm, oil on panel, 2014. Showing the evolution of a wound over time, with various features of the composition combining to form the shape of an hourglass.

More information on the show can be found here, and you can read a more informative review of the exhibit on this blog.

I haven’t been posting anything here lately in the midst of a bunch of life changes, but wanted to celebrate this amazing exhibition I had the honor of participating in, since it closes for good at the end of this week.

Heals All Wounds (detail)

Heals All Wounds (detail)

Heals All Wounds (detail)

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